5 Best Kickstarter Lunchbox You Can Buy Now On Amazon

It’s hard to believe that anything can be done to the lunch box. At some point in time, we have all had to carry the brown paper sack of shame. Some of us even had to wear that bulky bag strapped across our chest like a second backpack or ran around with one clutched in hand with our favorite cartoon character on it. Nevertheless, we have had to carry one.

Luckily for us, a select few have taken it upon themselves to give new life to this staple in tradition. Here, I give you the top 5 best Kickstarter lunch boxes.

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#5 Retro Aluminum Lunchbox

First on this list is this trip down memory lane. This classic take on a lunchbox gives us a snapshot of simpler times. Weighing in at 20 ounces, this item is lightweight and durable. With its industrial grade latch, handles and hinges, you can virtually throw this bad boy off a cliff and bring it back in one piece.

But, be careful! Since, it is all metal be wary of where you leave it so, that it does not overheat! I also wouldn’t leave perishable items in there for long periods of time. Due to the nature of this product, outside temperatures could affect the overall temperature inside the box. Since it is just a metal box, you can fit a lot in there. To give perspective, it can hold a 12 oz thermos easily, with room to spare.

The only real customer complaint on this one is that it is easily scratched. But, seeing as it’s a metal box, that is to be expected. I feel it also adds to the overall character of the item itself. Although this one is the most unassuming, as far as outer appearance goes, I think it is the most reliable of the bunch.

Stand out features: durability
Dimensions: 9″ (wide) x 5″ (deep) x 5’5″ (high)
Pros: durable, lightweight. unisex, spacious.
Cons: bulky, no insulation, no compartments, scratch prone.
Ideal person: children or those who work in rough environments such as, construction workers.

Conclusion: It’s a simple box for simple lunches.

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#4 Fittbo Lunchbox

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Coming in at number 4 is Fittbo. A stylish lunchbox specially designed to be stored standing up. With its sleek and slender design, you can just slip this one-of-a-kind lunchbox into your everyday bag.

So far, it only comes in two colors: black and white. However, they both come in this gorgeous wood-styled sleeve. If you don’t have a bag to put it in, this one looks a bit awkward to hold. With no latches or handles, this one comes off more like a laptop than a lunchbox. Which gives me the impression its more drop prone: this product is leak proof, not shatter and crack proof. Its design makes it easier for storage but, that’s about it. That aside, this one comes with luxurious features such as a cutlery compartment. thermal insulation, uni-box compartment, and its dishwasher safe.

As a bonus, the compartments are specifically portioned to create a balanced meal. Although, these compartments come in a set, unlike the #1 Prepd, which has a similar look and style to this one. If you are Earth conscious, this product is made from 100% BPA free plastic, making this every hipster’s go to.

This box is more geared towards people always on the run who want to eat healthier. If you lean towards the simpler side, this one might come off as a bit much for you. Some have pointed out that the arrival time is frustrating and there is a bit of lag in communication on this one. The design on this one is very nice however, there aren’t very many reviews and/or comments on its actual performance as of yet.

Stand out features: Unique design, easily stored and transported, eco-friendly.
Dimensions: 9.25″ x 9.25″ x 1.59″
Pros: lightweight, storage-friendly, stylish, unique. compartments. insulted, dishwasher safe. eco-friendly, easy to clean, unisex, age inclusive.
Cons: unsure on delivery.
Ideal person: those who want to stand out, mobile people, students, space savers.

Conclusion: If you can wait and are always moving, then this would be ideal for you. If you are impatient, you probably would get frustrated.

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#3 Flatbox LunchBox

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This lunchbox is every clean freak’s dream come true. A washable, heat-resistant lunchbox specially designed to fold out into a placemat. Four zippers along each side, not only make this item aesthetically pleasing but, durable as well.

This futuristic lunch bag comes in 10 different color variations designed to please both young girls and businessmen alike. It’s foldout design also makes it incredibly easy to store. This lunchbox is easily the most unique idea on the list but, also the most impractical for adults. Due to its pyramid shape, it doesn’t contain as much space as others on this list.

However. it makes up for it by keeping everything inside at the correct temperature, so long as it is refrigerated items. If you are also looking for something versatile, as far as compartments and storage go, this one isn’t for you. This one has the best reviews as far as performance and execution are concerned. All of those that have received it have loved it. with the exception of the gentlemen who were wanting to pack a heftier lunch. This lunch box would have been the perfect lunch bag if only it had more space! Perhaps they can come out with varying sizes?

Standout features: great for cold foods, heat insulation and durable material, unzips into a portable placemat, unique, kid-friendly.
Dimensions: Lunchbox: 7″ x 7″ x 11″ / Placemat: 18″ x 18″ x 1/4″
Pros: You can store it pretty much anywhere. It is a decently sized placemat when unfolded. Machine washable is always a plus. It’s made of a durable material. It’s heat insulated. Stylish and colors are geared towards both males and females of all ages. Fast delivery has also been noted.
Cons: It has little space inside. The product is age inclusive but geared towards children.There are no compartments.
Ideal person: children and teenagers

Conclusion: If you don’t pack much food and don’t mind a smashed sandwich, then you will enjoy this. You would also enjoy this if you have a preferred love of cold foods.

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#2 OmieBox Lunchbox

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This one is perfect for small children and busy moms alike. Not only is it eye-catching for the little ones, it’s also easy for everyone to use.

Inside there is a vacuum-insulated cylinder shaped container, that is both big enough to eat out of and small enough to clean in one swipe. There’s also a big handle on top of the said container that, in theory, makes it fun, safe and easy for kids to unscrew without spilling. In actuality, the lid has been said to cause quite a bit of suffering for both parents and children alike. The good news is that the company has heard about this and has already amended the problem!

The lids were also a tad bit too child-safe which led to them to make improvements. The second batch has already had major improvements! This lunch box is built to hold both hot and cold foods at the same time, without, compromising the temperature of the food next to it. Tech like that in a lunch box is unheard of, so are gaskets in a lunch box, both of which come included in this product. Some customers have reported its a bit awkward at first, but nothing too bad. It is also something that you get used to with time.

The specially designed compartments can be adjusted to fit your needs for the day.

Stand out features: holds both hot and cold foods simultaneously.
Dimensions: 7.1″ (long) x 7.1″ (wide) x 2.6″ (deep)
Pros: child safe, easy to clean, vacuum sealed compartment, leak-proof, recipes included
Cons: awkward design
Ideal person: small children

Conclusion: If you have small children, this could help you out tremendously!

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#1 Prepd pack Lunchbox

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Number one on the list is the Prepd pack. This stylish and slender lunch box, put simply, made meal prep easy and easily attainable. Its slender design can be compared, both in outward and inward appearance, to the Fittbo. Although, this one definitely, in my opinion, has to be the upgraded version.

Prepd Pack comes with an app to help you decide what to eat, and more importantly, the nutritional value of each meal. Via the app, you can selectively make your own healthy meal in the perfect portion. Another thoughtful feature by Prepd pack is its magnetic cutlery. It allows you to keep your fork and spoon easy and tidy.

Standout features: An app that helps you track calories and gives you meal prep idea especially suited for the lunchbox, complete with grocery list, Built-in placemat, magnetic cutlery compartment, eco-friendly, innovative design also lets you carry this one in a bag.
Dimensions: 9.49″x 7.32′ x 2.16″
Pros: eco-friendly, meal prep made easy, food ideas and recipes, built-in insulated placemat, magnetic cutlery strips, cooling packs included, easy grip handle, secure grips, individualized compartments that are both freezer and microwave safe, compartments can be customized.
Cons: some have reported that it’s too thin
Ideal person: Those that enjoy healthy living and meal prepping.

Conclusion: If you love to meal prep, there probably isn’t a better-suited lunch box for you. No matter which you choose, if you decide to try any of them mentioned, I hope this helped you make a decision you are happy with!

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[Bonus] Vi Lunchbox

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Vi Lunchbox is a little different from the others, it’s an origami-style pocket lunchbox. This lunchbox features its foldability and portability so you can fold flat and fit into your bag easily. It’s leakproof, so you never have to worry about leaking. Interestingly, it comes with origami fork as well, but it looks pretty soft and I am wondering if it’s firm enough to pick up meatballs.

It is recyclable, dishwasher safe and BPA free. Vi Lunchbox is not available on Amazon yet, it’s now on Kickstarter. You can go here to learn more about this lovely Lunchbox.

Stand out features: Great portability
Dimensions: 5.7″ (wide) x 4.7″ (deep) x 0.4″ (high)
Pros: Foldable and lightweight.
Cons: Fragile and weak.
Ideal person: Anyone.

Conclusion: This origami style lunchbox can be folded flat and fit into your jean’s pocket.