75 Hard – The Ultimate Challenge

There was a time when only the young cared about being fit and taking care of the body. However, things have changed. For example, if you look at the statistics for health and fitness, such apps have been downloaded over 650 million times so far, and this number is expected to increase to 900 million downloads by 2022.

One of the top apps in this category is called 75 Hard by Andy Frisella. The guy is considered a legend in health and fitness. A successful YouTuber, author, businessman, and motivator, Andy has created a cult following in the health and fitness category. 

There is even a book on 75 Hard, but we will focus on the app for now. In this write-up, we will cover all the crucial information that can help you decide whether to install the app or not. 

  • About The 75 Hard App
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  • 75 Hard – The Ultimate Challenge
75 Hard - The Ultimate Challenge
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About The 75 Hard App

The 75 Hard app is more than a fitness app; Andy has positioned it as a platform whereby you fight and win a war against yourself. 

75 Hard - The Ultimate Challenge
Image Source: Andy Frisella

The app is more of a dedicated program designed for you to achieve your toughest goals. It goes beyond the traditional fad diets, regular exercises, or any other motivational mantra out there to push you to achieve your goals. 

75 Hard touches you internally and teaches you about your strength. 44Seven Media offers the app in partnership with Andy. It also works as a personal guide, helping you to track your everyday activities for the next 75 days.

Main Features Of The 75 Hard App

One of the features of this app is a daily progress tracker. It tells you exactly where you are on your 75 day journey. You can also set custom reminders for the day-to-day tasks you must complete as part of your revival or rejuvenation program. The review feature supports pictures so that you can visually see where you are in your journey.

How cool would it be if you were able to share your daily progress or your 75 day journey with your friends and family on social media? The app provides you with seamless integration to Instagram, where you can share your behind the scenes on your Instagram Story. Let people engage with you, share their feedback, and possibly get motivated themselves.

Journalling is one of the key tools that people use when it comes to personal development. Therefore, this app allows you to save your journal notes on an everyday basis. It helps you take stock of how you feel on a particular day and check your emotions for a day. It helps you to re-strategize some of your activities.

How To Download The App

To download 75 Hard App, go onto Google play store or the iOS store. It takes less than two minutes for the app to download on your devices. Make sure that you are logged in using the same credentials across all the devices.

75 Hard - The Ultimate Challenge
Image Source: Andy Frisella

You need Android 5.0 and up and iOS 10.0 or later for the iPhone iPod Touch. If you are a Mac user, you need Mac OS 11.0 or later and a Mac with an Apple M1 chip. You’ll be surprised to know that 75 Hard ranks number one on the Apple Store in the health and fitness category. 

There are around 4,000 reviews with an average rating of 4.8 on iOS. As for the Google Play Store, the app has been downloaded 10,000 times. It has an average rating of 4.0 given by 280 people.

How To Use The App

As you buy the app and download the same, sign in with your Instagram account or create a new account. You can also link your Instagram account later on. On the dashboard, you will see various options like tracking your daily tasks and notes and a progress bar to see your daily completed days.

Use the camera to quickly take a selfie and post a visual update on your progress. You can also save your daily pics within the app. Next, on the bottom bar, you’ll be able to see an option to create an IG story post from your daily progress dashboard.

Unlike many premium apps, 75 Hard is available for a low price of $4.99 on the App Store and Google Play Store. There is no other in-app purchase available as of now on any of the platforms.

Pros Of 75 Hard

Before we jump the gun and decide to download or ditch the app, we must weigh both the pros and cons to decide for ourselves. Here are some of the things that the actual customers have to say.

75 Hard - The Ultimate Challenge
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Most people have agreed that 75 Hard has changed the way they see their daily lives. For example, many couples were couch potatoes, ate fast food, and did not move an inch to keep themselves fit. This app has made all the difference by simply pushing these couples to make a lifestyle change.

Another important plus point of this app is that it holds you accountable. The visual feature of the app lets you see the change in you. That is one of the biggest motivators for most of the customers. 

Also, the phone aggressively reminds you of your daily activities by pushing notifications to your phone every time you look at it.

Quick Updates

The development team’s customer support and rigorous progressive updates put this app in the number one category for health and fitness.

The turnaround time for any complaint is so quick that even the strongest critics have become fans.

Cons Of 75 Hard

One of the important strong points of 75 Hard is its reminder notification to its members. What happens when this feature collapses and doesn’t work for some of the customers? Frustration and anger. 

75 Hard - The Ultimate Challenge
Image Source: Cosmopolitan

There are a lot of people who have complained that notifications would not work for them. It sends their program into disarray and brings in lethargy to continue. Some customers feel that the everyday selfie or the visual update should have a laser-sharp, high-quality picture. Unfortunately, that has not been the case. 

Some customers have complained of blurry inconsistent images, which do not give them motivation or the ability to see the difference of the hard work.

Slow And Steady

Tech-savvy customers have pointed out that the device gets slow, be it the tablet or the cell phone, when it comes to certain features of the app. 

Slower load time, freezing of the screen are some of the rampant issues faced by these customers. In short, the user interface can be improved.

75 Hard – The Ultimate Challenge

If you have kept up to speed with health and fitness over the last year, you must have come across the 75 Hard Challenge that took social media by storm. There were videos all over Tik-Tok where people participated in this challenge and showed that they were stronger than the pandemic and resilient during the quarantine days.

75 Hard - The Ultimate Challenge
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There are five main pillars for this challenge. You must drink a gallon of water every day. Pick up a diet of your choice and stick to it. Make sure there are no cheat meals or cheat days. 

The challenge does not allow you to consume alcohol during the 75 days. There are two workouts of 45 minutes each, with a mandatory workout being done outdoors. The challenge mandates you to read a book on entrepreneurship or self-help every day. 

You must read ten pages every day to qualify for this task. Last but not least, you must take a visual progress picture and share the same on your app. If you thought that sticking to this routine was simple for 75 days, think again.

Not Your Regular Fitness Challenge

While most people think of the 75 Hard Challenge as a regular health and fitness activity to stay fit, Andy has denied this claim. According to him, this challenge was more about mental toughness rather than physical fitness. 

You must start at day one all over again should you miss any of the tasks is a great reminder of this vision.

Disclaimer: Please consult your doctor before participating in any of such rigorous mental toughness programs. The 75 Hard ultimate challenge may not be the right option for you. However, you can always learn from the program and prepare yourself for mental fitness.


Undoubtedly, 75 Hard is one of the best health and fitness apps out there so far. As mentioned, it is not merely an app but a program to change lives for good. It has motivated umpteen people over the last year. 

If you want to make that change happen but feel stuck, waste no time downloading the app today.