Hi, this is Aaron.

Nice to have you here.

I am a full-time writer with a biotechnology background. I have a team of writers behind me to speed up the process a little ๐Ÿ™‚

I spent most of my time writing articles and the sole purpose of this site is to save your money โ€” by evaluating the bad product from the good. You may notice that our writing style is rather a critique, or you can call it the “Kickstarter police”, we would be very glad to take this role. That said, due to the rising number of scam project which you may aware these days, we will help you do a throughout analysis on a particular product by evaluating the user’s behavior, feedback, company reputation, and a lot more criteria.

Our motto is โ€” Removing all the marketing jargons, what’s then left on the table.

From time to time, we met cool products as well, which are less likely to be a scam. So, hope you can understand and we will try our best to stay as rational as possible.

Other than analysis of the campaign, sometimes, the creators do send us some products for review which will be stated clearly as “sponsored”. Regardless of that, our writing remained unbiased. Nevertheless, we will still be here serving you with our best effort.