Ace Marks: The Handcrafted Dress Shoes & Sneakers


This is Ace Mark’s 3rd Kickstarter campaign for handcrafted Italian leather shoes, and below we will discuss if this dress shoes really worth buying.

This collection is fairly expansive, with many styles and color options. They don’t advertise them as being cheap (because they’re not), but affordable. That said, you can definitely get a pair of not-half-bad dress shoes for lesser than $100 on Amazon, like this one.


And they advertise that not only are you receiving high-quality shoes from them, you can sell your shoes back to them and they’ll give them to a man in need, helping someone less fortunate.

How could helping someone less fortunate go wrong?

What they don’t really advertise as much is that you get $30 for sneakers and $60 for dress shoes through their buyback program when you buy a new pair. You can’t get another pair through Kickstarter. You have to do it through their website, which makes the shoes be $75-125 more than they are on Kickstarter.


It’s even more than that if you get their Tramonto Patina. So, basically, that $60 isn’t saving you anything at all. As a matter of fact, even with $60 taken off of your order, you’re still paying at least $15 more than you would on Kickstarter!

Review and Discussion โ€” Should you buy these shoes?

Thinking about getting these shoes by Ace Marks? we’ve got you covered.

We spent hours reading through the nearly 500 comments on their campaign page, the FAQ’s and their updates, overall quality and customer’s feedback assessment, so you don’t have to!

First, the shoes require some heavy maintenance.

You get a horse hair dauber set when you pledge to get dress shoes. But you’re going to want to get shoe polish, which is a $9 add-on.

It’s also recommended to get shoe trees to put them on when you aren’t wearing them so that they keep their shape. That’s a $30 add-on.

Even if you buy the polish and get the daubers, some of the shoes are going to have to be carefully polished because they can lose their color. The Tramonto Patina is one of them, and considering they’re pretty expensive shoes, it’s not ideal that they could lose their color if you aren’t careful when polishing them.

Some of the shoes are suede, which is notoriously hard to care for and maintain. And some of the suede shoes feature suede near the bottoms of the shoes. This means that the suede will get dirty often and you’ll have to clean and maintain them often.

Also, some of the sneakers only come in a white out-sole, as well, meaning that they’ll get dirty fast.

This is their last Kickstarter campaign, which many of the backers are sad about. It’s pretty easy to understand why. Right now on Kickstarter, their sneakers are running approximately $169 a pair and dress shoes are $200 a pair. On their website, they’re running between $275-325. So, it’s way more expensive to buy them directly through their website.

Some people aren’t going to be able to buy even one pair at the website prices, let alone the multiples that backers are getting now.


There are a lot of things that are different on this campaign, compared to their last one, mainly in cost.

The price of everything went up. They’re also charging for shipping. This is an especially expensive hassle for backers in Europe. On their last campaign, there was some sort of debacle with their partners in Europe.

They had someone that stored the shoes in Europe and shipped them from there. But, something about that didn’t work right and they were having to get shoes sent back to the U.S. And then ship them back to Europe to the backers.

They’re trying to find someone in Europe to partner with again to make shipping cheaper for EU backers, but it hasn’t come through yet.

Right now, backers in Europe are going to have to pay for shipping from the U.S. And pay taxes and such, making it somewhat of an ordeal if they order en masse.


Sizing can be quite tricky.

Some of the backers are reporting that they measured themselves, used the size chart on the campaign page, and found that they had to order a half size to a whole size up from what they ordinarily wear.

If you get the sneakers, you can’t get the wide width. That’s only for the dress shoes.

If you guess wrong and get the wrong size, you can exchange them, but the catch is that you have to pay for shipping again.

This is annoying, but it will be especially annoying to backers in Europe, as shipping is already going to be expensive for them. What if you get them and you hate them? Well, that’s kind of too bad.

There are no returns on the Kickstarter. They only run returns on their website.


The pricing is really complicated. Let’s say you want to get the Early Bird Kickstarter Pledge deal for one pair of sneakers and add on a pair of boots. In order to do that, you have to add $260 to your pledge.

And you want hi-top sneakers instead of regular ones? You need to add $20 to your pledge.

Plus, some of the items that you have to add on to your pledge to get, like the Tramonto Patina, aren’t available unless you get one of the 2 sneaker pledges, meaning that you have to pay for 2 pairs of sneakers, as well. That’s $338. Then you have to add another $299 to it, for a grand total of $687 before shipping costs.

And they’ll send you a survey later to clarify what it is that you want.

On the other hand, there aren’t any women’s shoes on this campaign and they can’t do women’s sizing. Also, you don’t get any sort of discount on buying multiples.

There is a very limited amount of styles from previous campaigns that will be available to choose from on the survey, however, they won’t be Kickstarter price. Lastly, they won’t be shipping until September or October.


So, are these shoes worth it? If you’re looking to spend money on shoes, they’re pretty nice and they look nice. But, you’ll have to get through the tricky pricing and sizing systems.

And then you’ll have to wait until around October to see if you guessed right and they fit, or if you’ll have to pay more shipping to get an exchange.

Personally, I would save myself some time and effort and just buy this similar dress shoes via Amazon. It’s almost worth the extra money just to buy the shoes through their website instead of the Kickstarter, just to avoid the headache.

So, after reading all these and still decided to buy one? Spend one min in our other review of this fully waterproof sneaker, you will probably change your mind!