Adv3nture Jackets – The Functional Travel Jacket That Converts Into Pillow

Adv3nture Jackets is a multi-functional outerwear for traveling and outdoor adventure. Below you will whether you should spend your hand-earn money on this travel jacket.

To keep your body warm and well-insulated in the cold environment, a new functional hoodie is coming the way. Similar to this high-quality travel jacket, meet Adv3nture Jackets.

Previously, Adv3nture Jackets had their first Kickstarter campaign launched in 2016. The campaign was a huge success bringing in a staggering $1.8 million out of just $25 K pledged goal from more than 13,000 backers.

Let’s cut to the chase, what’s on the table? Worth?

Adv3nture Jackets — another travel jacket?

Founded by Zane Lamprey, a TV host, Adv3nture Jackets is returning to Kickstarter to feature 4 of their new jacket models. Like the previous, the same smart jacket-to-pillow design makes full use of a jacket. You can then use it while commuting to work, as a cushion on the office chair, or an instant pillow for a quick nap during the lunch break.


Not only made of high-quality material, each of these 4 Adv3nture Jackets has their distinctive features. Below is a breakdown:

  • Voyageurs Hoodie — An upgrade to the Adv3nture Hoodie (previously on Kickstarter). It offers the color accented zipper, magnetic-snap pockets, ventilation grommets, and microfleece-lined hoodies.
  • Badlands Fleece — A very comfortable everyday-jacket. Badlands features the chafe-resistant interior seams, and shoulder (and elbow padding) quilted patches for abrasion from bag & backpack straps. Also, it comes with the stylish Faux-leather “Adv3nture” logo patch.
  • Wind Cave Windbreaker — Windbreaker highlights its water-resistant ability (10 000mm). It is designed with waterproof fabric, waterproof zippers, and laser-cut edges with superior seams to keep the wet out.
  • Glacier Parka — Parka is made for the winter adventures with some water-resistant (5 000mm) ability. It offers the Sherpa-lined hood & face cover, magnetic zipper cover, quilted interior fabric, and a removable Faux fur (non-animal) hood trim.

Some jackets have other awesome features in common, such as magnetic pocket closure, bottle opener, sunglasses pocket with micro-fleece lining, reflective logo, hide-away drawstring, thumb holes, ventilation zippers, strong overlock stitching, and many more.

Also, Adv3nture will plant 3 trees upon every purchase for areas that are affected by forest fires and deforestation in the US.

Sound great huh, but…

Review and Discussion — Why You Shouldn’t Buy this? Just why?

In comparison to the $1.8 million from the previous, Adv3nture lost its luster this time around. Judging from the status by now — 17 days past and 15 days to go, with $322 K funded, it’s safe to assume that this new campaign can hardly reach $1 million. Although the result is still considerably good, this indicates that most people who purchased their 1.0 jacket did not support their 2.0 product.

To find the reason, I dived deep into the 1.0 comment section.

Quality speaks. Adv3nture has received a mixed review on their previous campaign. Generally, people who previously purchased their first hoodies have stated a number of problems. The problems are mainly circulating around the zippers, poor stitches, and the overall quality isn’t satisfying. Many had complained that the zipper does not last a few washes and fall off easily. Few have also mentioned that the thumbholes and pockets are too small to fit. For this, the creators stated in the comment section to solve the issues on their 2.0 jackets:

Nonetheless, the loss of trust might be one of the reasons contributing to the dramatical drop in sales. Sadly, the 13,000 backers do not seem to buy their belated explanation.

The creative pillow-conversion design is certainly praiseworthy, but most of the other features are quite commonly found in other jackets. Plus, for the actual performance and overall quality, the Adv3nture Jackets is just not there yet to be able to compete with the established jacket like this one on Amazon. It has received more than 1400 reviews to date with an average of 4.6 out of 5 stars. Therefore, for those who are looking for a real deal, but not too gimmicky one, this is for you.

When it comes to clothing, quality is everything.

For the price, Adv3nture is on par with the better winter jackets out there, and one good example is this one. The Adv3nture Jackets is now funding on Indiegogo for $109 (Early bird), if you think this is for you, feel free to go to support their Indiegogo campaign here.

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