Agile Travel Backpack: 25 Years in Making Backpack

Each and every one of us has backpacks for travel, work, and school. As we have reviewed quite a number of good backpacks such as this Loopbag by Loopsetter is one of the remarkable in the list. With so many options in the list, how to choose a good backpack that best fit your need? For each bag, we cover the functionality, versatility, quality, and price in making the premium backpack.

What is Agile?

Agile is no different from others. Agile Travel Backpack is one highly versatile bag releases by Agile Travel Gear on Kickstarter. The overall response from Kickstarter was good. The Kickstarter campaign is 100% funded in only 24 hours. With more than 25 years in making backpacks, Agile and their trusted fan base have no second guess on the quality of this new Agile backpack.

Made with users in mind, this backpack features some of the most useful features in one. To make your busy life simple than ever, the Agile backpack is suitable for work, play and also for travel, in one. One of the reasons for launching on Kickstarter is to cut out the fee by the middleman and you will get this awesome backpack at only a fraction of the retail price.

Alright, that’s enough for the talk.

Out of thousands of backpack brands, what makes this backpack differ from others? To us, It’s functionality and quality. With over 25 years experience of making backpacks, if Agile don’t give you trust, who can?!

The Agile Backpack is a collection of all great backpack features in one. Here we are going to discuss only the key feature. For instance, it is waterproof, comes with the anti-theft front tab with RFID blocking pocket, USB charging outport, 3 carry handle on top and side (for carry-on mode), strong zipper system, and is expandable for extra spaces (26L to 35L).

For materials used…

It is made of sleek TPU material, which not only gives you a modern and sleek appearance, but also the waterproof properties from rain and drinks spill. The front upper padded pocket is a microfiber pocket. Microfiber is extra fine synthetic fiber that is flexible to use and smooth to touch, just like the cloth for cleaning glasses and camera lens. The straps can be hidden and deploy easily interchangeably from the carry-on to backpack mode.

Safe comes first, you will never want to lose your cards, passport and important item when you are out in the foreign countries. Agile has a hidden pocket that located next to your back, so you will certainly “feel” it when a sneaky theft trying to reach the pocket. Speaking back padding, the EVA moulded padding is ergonomically built to optimize for airflow and hours of comfort.

For tech organizer, it is notably modern and handy for smaller items such as the charging cables and USB. The USB charging implementation is another huge plus for this backpack as most of us will usually run down to a point where to find charging port for the dead battery. Agile makes it easier than ever.

The downside…

Great portability doesn’t come complicated, Agile has a removable laptop sleeve for laptop and tablet. However, the sleeve is considerably small for only 15″ laptop, it’s a no for those who using 17″ or larger laptop, books, and notes.

Price and Bonus

Agile Travel Backpack is now available for only $169 on Kickstarter. It is estimated to retail at $269 MRSP, leaving you a big cut of $100 discount on this time-limited early bird sale. If you don’t think this backpack is for you, check this similar backpack I found on Amazon that is cheaper and loved by many.