Akita: Protect your Smart Home Devices from Cyber Invasion


Akita is a master (IoT) device to protect your cyber privacy. In the review section below, we will discuss if this device worth a buy.

This internet of things can all be hacked by IT expert and causes the loss of privacy and important information. As long as your devices are connecting to the internet, there will always be a way to sneak through the system without your notice. Things like your smartphone, smartwatch, security camera, baby monitor, smart lock, TV, lights, and laptop are all at risk. Certainly, all these IoT devices are all having their own privacy protection systems but not connecting to each other. Another issue is the one last thing in common — the connectivity to your internet router.


The bad guy can hack into the router and access to your information.

Review and Discussion — Is this device worth a buy?

Akita is very simple to use. Users require connecting Akita to the router via a LAN port and Akita will do the rest. It scans all the unusual activities, giving you a health report, notify of any invasion attempt, and will automatically shut down the access. One great thing about the Akita is the backup system, Akita will remotely preserve your data and information beforehand. Therefore, even if you ran into an attack, you will always be safe to erase all data and restore later.

What about the competitors?


Most of the security devices in the market are using the Deep Packet Inspection (DPI) method. Some examples such as the Bitdefender BOX and the Rocos Core (Amazon’s Choice). It means your information is accessible to the security providers so that to prevent others from reading it. Earlier in this year, there is a report on data breach happening on a reputable firm. Akita, on the other hand, is not using the DPI method but the Intrusion Prevention System (IPS) security method instead. Therefore, your private information (encrypted) is always safe and locked.

With the military grade security protection, Akita gathers all of the hacking behavior from Akita users so that to stop IoT invasion more effectively. It features a machine learning algorithm to learn all of the latest cutting-edge protection methods. Via the Akita App, you will receive notifications if present of any malicious activities on any specific devices. Also via the App, you can check if any untrusted devices connection on your network and block them immediately. You will have the access to the history log and check your bandwidth/speed at your fingertip.

The app is available for iOS and Android devices.

Price and Goodies

Akita is now on Kickstarter for only $79, while you can save up to 46% discount off the retail price. For every backer who helps to bring this project to live, you will receive a month of free Akita assistance and security updates.