All About the Overlord Video Game Series


The Overlord video game series is a third-person action-adventure game written by Rhianna Pratchett and developed by Triumph Studios. Unlike other video game series with a heroic main character, the Overlord video game series gives the player the role of an evil Overlord.

This game is described as a game that brings evil back into the world full of good. The Overlord video game series is based on a Japanese anime series. This video game can be played in single-player or with up to three players. 


What makes this game exciting is that it is a combination of fun combat and twisted fantasy tales. It has a total of five games within the series. Read on to find out more information about the five Overlord video games.

All About the Overlord Video Game Series
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Overlord (2007)

This is considered the first video game in the series that was released in 2007. It was initially released for Playstation 3, Xbox 360, Microsoft Windows, and Linux. 

The setting of Overlord is in an alternate world. It’s where the player is known as a resurrected warrior, or “the Overlord”, and the player has full control of the hordes of gremlin-like creatures. 


To reconquer the lands, the Overlord must defeat the seven corrupt ruling heroes. These seven corrupt ruling heroes represent the seven deadly sins. When these characters are defeated, the Overlord can go ahead and establish his lordship over its inhabitants. 

The player’s life force is gained by killing different creatures, such as summon minions and large bugs. The Overlord’s armor tends to be more devilish, as seen on its physical appearance when the corruption increases.

Overlord: Raising Hell (2008)

Overlord: Raising Hell was released in 2008. This series is known as the direct expansion to the Overlord 2007 video game series with new plots, new levels to be accomplished, a list of enemies, and weapons used. 

The player will forge into new items, and the main task is to locate the mold for these items to be returned back into the Overlord’s Tower. In this series, the Overlord gains access to the Infernal Abyss gate in the Ruborian. 

The Overlord will challenge the Forgotten God for a final showdown. The goal of this series is to be able to make overlord the new God of the Abyss by defeating Abyss’ original master. 

Overlord: Dark Legend (2009)

This is the spin-off game that was made available in 2009. This is an action role-playing game originally developed for Wii. It’s a prequel to the previous Overlord game. 

However, it has some changes in terms of the gameplay design. In this series, the Overlord is already named “Lord Gromgard”. Their kingdom will suffer hardships, such as blight and poor crops. With this, Overlord’s father will set out on a quest to get back their lost assets. 

On the day Lord Gromgard turns sixteen, he will go and reclaim the castle forge from the hands of the notorious “Black Flame Bandits”. This series can be played by players even though they haven’t played the first sequels, but it would be better if the players are already veterans. 

Overlord: Minions (2009)

This Overlord series is a puzzle action game that was released in 2009 with Overlord: Dark Legend. It features the minions as the main protagonist that is tasked to fight enemies and solve puzzles. There are a total of four minions that can be controlled by the player. 

These minions vary in their skillset. The minions have skills in melee combat, the ability to sling fireballs, one is stealthy, and the last one can swim or heal. 

Through the help of the minions, the outside opposition is defeated so the Overlord’s forces can advance into the Kindred’s final stronghold, Dragonspire.

Overlord: Fellowship of Evil (2015)

All About the Overlord Video Game Series
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Overlord: Fellowship of Evil is a fantasy action role-playing game that was available on the market in 2015. Unlike the first release of the Overlord series that’s in the third person, the Fellowship of Evil shifted into an isometric top-down perspective. 

The player can shift characters on different levels, and they can also form their minion group to help in the battle. This game’s idea is to reclaim Overlord’s world together with the minions in bringing back evil to create a balance in their world.  


The Overload video game series is the only game series that encourages players to embody evil and destroy goodness through a subversive, comedic manner. 

It can be played by one or multiple payers. This video game is intended to be played regularly to enhance the player’s skills to advance to the next levels without a sweat.