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Använda: A Stylish And Unique Bag

Använda is a stylish and feature-rich bag that makes you look great inside out. In this review, you will learn everything you need to know before spending money on it.

Many have been enlightening by the title putting up on their Använda Indiegogo (previously on Kickstarter) campaign — Använda: A great f*cking bag. Despite using the vulgar language and a humorous way in the video presentation, we GismoReview will still be focusing on the features and quality of the product. The number don’t lie, Använda is 200% funded within 24 hours on Kickstarter.

So, what exactly is this bag?

Overview of Använda and its features

Använda is a versatile unisex bag that can be carried in many ways, With the thoughtful strap design, Använda can be transformed into your daily backpack, tote bag, messenger bag, duffel bag and sling bag in seconds. Without compromising the functionality, Använda is made of full grain Italian leather and comes with a number of colorway designs available.

They have also included features like high-quality YKK zippers, hidden pocket, retractable rain cover, and silver-infused fabric to repel bacteria and odors.

Review and Discussion of Använda — Should you buy this “Great F*cking Bag”?

One of the reasons for this campaign gets funded so fast is due to the foul languages used in the entire project. I have reviewed more than hundred of bags before, and this project is the first with foul language. In all honesty, the creators may seem rude in explaining the details but the positive attitude still paying off in a good way.

Let’s get into the feature.

Använda is versatile and has a modern outlook to fit our lifestyle. With so many similar bags on the market already, what makes this bag stand out from the crowd? Here is a similar one I found on Amazon for comparison. It may look pale from the fashion standpoint compared to Använda but the bag is well organized with multiple functional pockets. Also, one important criterion for getting a bag, the inner layout of the Använda is not shown any way in the video or in the written detail of the campaign page. So, if it’s not compartmented (judging from the video) that would not be ideal to keep your things fit and tidy. And therefore render it less useful for daily use, such as for office and college student.

Next, a good price. Beside of the design, Använda has included some of the useful features such as silver-infused lining to avoid odor and bacteria, hidden pocket and a retractable rain cover. After a huge success on Kickstarter with over 10k backers and over $1M funded, It is now moved over to fund on Indiegogo starts at only $69. The price is indeed reasonable, grab one via the link below to Indiegogo if you think this is for you.

Alternatively, if you don’t think Använda is good enough, this sleek and modern backpack could be your second choice.

Did I miss out anything? let me know in the comment below.

Använda Bag
Använda Bag
After the huge success on Kickstarter, this campaign is now moved and funding on Indiegogo.
8.6 Total Score

One of the most popular backpacks with modern design. Other than that, the campaign marketed with swear words.

  • Versatile with many modes of carrying
  • Reasonably priced and affordable
  • Silver infused anti-bacteria and anti-odor lining
  • Modern and fashionable
  • Hidden pocket and retractable rain cover
  • Similar and cheaper bag on the market
User Rating: 2.82 (28 votes)
  1. Yeah you may want to do a follow-up as the creator of this bag has done nothing but lie to the backers. Check out the kickstarter comments.

  2. It is just a big marketing scam.

    The product and service are really low quality.

    Buyers beware the actively selling this cr*p and they don’t issue refunds.

    They ask for your patience and they failed to deliver only after 7 months from the initial deliver date and I am among the lucky ones, other will get their bag with 1 year delay….

    One of the biggest scams on kicksterter and indigogo, they are still actively selling so potential people liking the video, beware.

  3. I got mine today, and I’m really happy with it. It looks high-quality, sturdy and durable. And while this shipped later than the original June or July date (not unusual for these types of campaigns), I got responses to every communication I sent. I have no complaints.

  4. When they were asking us to fund this project, the delivery was to be mid-June, 2018. I just got mine today, Dec 14, 2018. Seems OK, but my navy blue one is actually purple. I have nothing against purple, but it’s not what I ordered. Certainly did not live up to the marketing hype and the delivery date was horrible. I’m affraid to even ADK if I can exchange it. Might be another 6 months, if they’ll do it at all.

  5. Completely disappointed- backer of the bag – never received it and have lost hope in customer service – stay clear

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