Aquanautia Adventure Short – Keep Your Valuable Dry in the Pocket

Aquanautia Adventure Short has a waterproof pocket to keep your valuables dry during the watersports. In this review, we will discuss whether is this water shorts worth a buy.

Before we jump into the water, the last thing you need to worry is your personal belongings. Ain’t nobody is going to stay alone by the beach to guard that for you, and funny enough, I happened to stumble across an interesting product to save the day — It’s called Beach Vault. It literally allows you to make a beach vault by drilling a hole in the sandy beach on-the-go. In case you want to know how people see it, here is a link to its Amazon page.

Alternatively, a more straight-forward way is this cool water short called Aquanautia made by a guy who got his valuables stolen during the fun. The magnetic closure is so strong to put your item at no risk even in 100ft underwater.

So what are the flip side of the coin? You will see.

Review and Discussion — Is this water short worth it?

This short is made of recycled plastic yarn which at the same time is also drying faster than normal fabric — since it’s for water activities, the creator is definitely killing two birds with one stone. However, the recycled plastic yarn is not that comfortable (rough texture) and stretchable in compare to the other fabrics.

Also, there are some concerns over the false advertisement of waterproof pocket with cell phones. Although it’s being advertised as 100ft waterproof, that doesn’t mean you will be safe to carry your expensive cell phones or other electronics there. The blind spot is that many of your watches/cell phones are probably can’t handle that much of pressure even if enclosed in the membrane. It’s the pressure that destroys the devices.

On the other hand, you’ll never see anywhere in the video/page of the creator flip open the magnetic pocket. In fact, the Gooper strong magnets are good for sealing out water, at the same time, it’s going to be hard to open. On one hand, long exposure of strong magnets can actually pose a risk to damage the metal part of your credit cards, cell phones, car key, access cards and related, read more here.

Washing is another big part of this product…

Despite it’s claimed to wash less often, but you will still need to wash it eventually. Plus, the water-repellent coating will weaken over time, just like this waterproof shirt we discussed earlier on. It’s the matter of time and how you wash it. Therefore, it’s not advised to use fabric softener or hot wash which will actually quicken the process. Since this short is made up of 92% of plastic, please be beware taking into the places like the sauna or hot spring.

Certainly, having your valuables with you other than leaving on the beach is a peace of mind, but are you sure you want to carry all that in the pockets while playing? It’s going to be bulky and heavy, as well as restricting your movement. What’s worse, it even rips the fabrics.

Aquanautia Adventure Short has a limited option on style and color. The creator is offering black and blue for now, and many have then requested for the belt loop and drawstring style.

The crowdfunding discussion of this project is going a little bit dramatic over some negative comments by the backers. The Creator Rishi is gone out and not be available for 10 days, meanwhile, the admin role was taken over by a moderator who turned the conversation towards a bad shape.

Overall, is this short worth it? Maybe. Some of the features are handy, but also pose an unforeseen risk we discussed above, and buyers often get carried by the marketing jargons without considering some of the potential drawbacks (that’s why we’re here for you!). Other than that, this short costs you well over $90 (plus $12 shipping fees) is definitely an expensive buy for just a water short.

Before you decide, spend a min on this short and do some calculations.