ARIA Waterproof Earbuds – 32 hours of Playtime

As I myself am a Bluetooth headphone user, using a wireless version of headphone/earbuds definitely makes me feel one step closer to the technology. The other reason is to conveniently move your arms around without the wire obstruction. However, there are some hassles though — the need for constantly re-charging and BT pairing.

So here in this review article, we are going to scan through this ARIA Earbuds project that is currently funding on Indiegogo. In below, we’ve pointed out some things which you need to be taking note before buying.

ARIA is a 100% waterproof earbuds that featured a long battery life for up to 32 hours, it’s way longer than the Apple’s Airpods which gives you a 5 hours playtime per full charge. What’s cool about this earbuds is that it’s also a waterproof device where you can use it under the water. The IP67 waterproof allows you to use it in water up to 1 meter for 30 min. Other than that, this device utilizes the latest Bluetooth 5 in its system.

So the paragraph above is how the campaign advertised (at least for how I read it). Is all that true? not really, read our debug below.

Review and Discussion – Is this ARIA Earbuds worth it?

So the first feature is the IP67 waterproof. IP67 means that you will be fine immersing the earbuds up to 1 meter underwater for 30min. This is a pretty common feature in lots of its competitors, some even providing a better IP68 waterproof like this earbuds here I found on Amazon. Although it’s technically not suitable for swimming (maximum depth 1 meter ~ 3.3 ft), it’s still good for waterproofing the rain, water splashes, sweat, or even washing it in the water.

The next up is the 32 hours of battery life.

Sounds super long right? Not really. ARIA has a normal internal 8 hours battery per full charge — just like my wireless earbuds. The 32 hours is showing the total of 8 hours internal battery plus an additional 24 hours of battery juice from the charging case. There must be some people confusing with the battery longevity just like I did, it’s actually not that much of a deal as many of the earbuds in the market are already long doing this. There is some false advertisement u might be noticing, one example is the Apple Airpods is said to be 24 hours of battery. If we use the standard according to xFyro, that should be 29 hours total for Airpods as well — 5 hours (internal per charge) with 24 hours (charging case).

While as much of the buzzwords used in the campaign, it doesn’t really justify the somewhat negative reviews by buyers from Amazon — here is a similar Earbuds sold by xFyro on Amazon, scroll down to read the reviews. People are mainly complaining about the technical and quality aspect of the product where they tend to find problems sooner or later.

For the price, each pair of ARIA is now on Indiegogo for $109 which is really overpriced in relative to the features they provide. Other than the latest Bluetooth 5 inclusion, nothing is really outstanding. Thanks to the Bluetooth 5.0, it gives you a connection range 4x further than the previous BT 4.2, quicker data transfer, and the overall performance is much faster and better. That said, it actually doesn’t make too much differences if you’re just using it to listen to music. You can learn more about the difference between Bluetooth 5.0 vs 4.2.


In overall, is this earbuds worth it? I think we have made our stance clear enough on the paragraph above — no, we don’t think so. Get over the gimmick of using Bluetooth 5 with a high price tag, we would rather advise you to go for this one, it’s proven by many users and cost you less than half the ARIA price.