Aura Air – The Air Purifier

Aura Air is the latest air purifier funding on Kickstarter. It combined a number of useful features in one, to give you a set-and-forget comprehensive indoor air monitoring experience.

In this article, we will go through the pros and cons of this device. You will later learn whether is Aura Air really worth your money.

First off, Aura Air highlights its 3 cleaning stages โ€” Detections (by 9 sensors), filtration (dust, microbes, and odors), and sterionizer. Other than that, I kind of like the idea of real-time analyzing the air quality, so I don’t really have to bother to keep switching on and off manually.

Review and debunk โ€” worth it?

In comparison to other popular air purifiers such as this one or this smarter one, Aura Air does provide some significant features that others do not provide. For example, the sterionizer and UV LEDs, in which both are used to kill off harmful microbes.

That being said, Aura Air is now selling on Kickstarter at ~$229 (early bird), which is 50% pricier than the average smart purifiers. Frankly, as a Kickstarter product, the price is slightly higher but still reasonable.


Other than that, the rest of the features are quite usual. So, it’s up to you to decide if the features are well worth for that.

Aura Air is recommended for 700 sqft room, which takes about 30min or so to clean up. As for the larger room, it will have to take a longer time to operate until the air quality is back to normal. Also, I love the feature that it will notify you when detecting the smoke or gas leaks.

Aura Air is designed to hang on the wall. That’s quite different from the regular one that placed on the floor. Will it affect the purification? For sure it will.

Another thing is about the lifespan for each filter. Although it’s said to last for a year in standard air quality, It actually depends largely on where you stay and how good your surrounding air quality. You can get the filter replacement after the campaign and each will cost you $40 via their website.

As Aura Air is using the UVC LEDs and sterionizer, the creator mentioned that it will produce 80 ppb ozone hourly. According to EPA standard here, the ozone release should not be exceeding 70 ppb.

the deal breaker…?


To sum up, is the Aura Air really worth it? I would say yes. It has a number of cool features and reasonable pricing, this new device is definitely worth a buy. However, the deal breaker could be the harmful ozone release. Until we receive an update or reply from the creator, we will soon be updating this post.