Avya inhaler: Clear Your Nose Congestion Inside Out


Avya Inhaler is a steam nebulizer to relief your nasal congestion. Worth it? We will discuss below.

Nasal congestion or stuffy nose is a condition where your nasal passages get blocked by the swelling of inflamed nasal lining membrane. If you have tried products such as the nose spray, nose cleaner, and inhaler and find it less effective to you.


Perhaps, it’s time to give Avya Inhaler a try.

Avya is a portable steam nebulizer to clear up your sinus congestion. It features a built-in water heater with temperature control panel for you to adjust the temperature according to your need.

Most other sprays in the market often produce either inconsistent or thick steam particles which is hardly get inhaled into the deep sinus area.


Avya nebulizer, on the other hand, features the nano-sized steam particles which are only 5 µm small. Along with the warm wave of steam, it improves your sinus congestion like never before. Also, the steam will get through your nasal, sinus and throat passages to drain the mucus along the way. Leaving your air passages clear, warm and moisturized.

Sounds magical, does it really work like advertised?

Review and Discussion — Moneywise? or Otherwise.

Saline water is a solution of mixing of salt with pure (sterile) water. It is widely used in medical field to kill bacteria and replacing the lost liquid in your body. The two main selling point of Avya are actually the water vapor heater and the technology that produces nano-sized steam particle.

For the upselling of Himalayan USP-grade saline water, it’s not really needed in most cases. It basically means the saline water is approved by United States Pharmacopeia (USP) and is clean to use. For the Himalayan salt…well, most common medical-grade salt do pretty much the same job, you get the point. I would suggest you to make your own saline water or purchase it somewhere else at a cheaper price. For example, you can get this Modudose saline water which has 100 vials for less than $20.

Most of the sprays are producing a cool mist which is expectable less effective in compared to the Avya heated steam. While the main deal is the nano-steam nebulizer itself, the price however is a let down. Considering each of the device starts at $139 (early bird), it’s really pricey for a nebulizer. From a customer standpoint, there are quite a number of good steam nebulizers in the market. Despite being not portable, this steam inhaler does the same job while costs you only half the price.