Banala Alarm Clock – The clock with isochronic sound to aid sleep

So you are here wondering is this Banala Alarm Clock really help to improve your sleep, or even worse, the so-called “isochronic sounds” does more harm than good?

In this review article, we are going to tear off the “scientific” mask behind this product and tell you the undisputed truth. In the end, you will learn whether if this alarm clock really worth it? or just another nightmare from Kickstarter.

Also, for those who are ready to put up the pledges, we will explain a few things which you need to take note before buying.

Banala Alarm Clock is now on Indiegogo.

Review and Discussion — Is it worth it?

To put it short, this device produces low frequencies Hz ( Delta 1-4 Hz and Theta 6-7 Hz) to aid your sleep. During different stages of the sleep cycle, our body produces different brain waves, and the isochronic beats simply influence (or “matching”) your brainwave so to carry it into the state faster.

And this is not new. Here is a smart pillow I found on Amazon that works pretty much the same, and people are not very happy about it.

Let’s talk a little bit into the science.

Although there are many studies suggesting the positive effect of a decrease in tension, mood and anxiety level, there is a lack of accurate clinical study to support the claims where people are still largely unclear about the mechanism.

Almost at the same time, there are also many reporting about the inconsistencies and also the contradictory results in the separate studies, such as increased depression and vigor level. Similar to your smart devices and electronics, there are dangers of brainwave entrainment, read more here.

Simply put, we are not 100% sure about the effect, yet.

And you are intended to putting your family at risk using this debatable technology? I would not even think about it. While you can still give it a try, please be noted that never use it to someone who is prone to seizures, under 18 or pregnant.

On one hand, there were already mobile apps that play isochronic tunes, like this one called Waveen where you can download it on Google Play for free. If you would really want to see the effect, have a try for that first.

As for the background of the company, there is not much info around the web. On the KS page, all we can see is the general information stuffing with no disclosure of member’s identity. The website and social media pages are pretty new (created 1-2 months ago). Therefore, some backers are skeptical about the company and worrying if it’s likely a scam project:

So, I suggest that the creators to include some of the background information about the company as it is crucial for backers to put trust in a random crowdfunding project.

What about the AI part of the alarm clock? It’s not the Siri/Alexa kind of AI, instead, it simply means the device will collect your sleep data and wake you up at the correct time accordingly to the brainwave. This feature can be commonly seen in most of the sleep aid devices.


In overall, is this worth it? No, we don’t think so. While you still can give it a try if you want, hit the green button below to get your early bird Banala Alarm Clock. However if you would ask me, I will rather recommend you to go for this useful alarm clock called HyperCube which we discussed not long ago and rated with 8.5/10.