Banale Mat – The Super Portable Yoga Mat


In this Banale Mat review and discussion, we will unbiasedly go through this yoga mat. And ultimately, you will learn whether is it really worth-a-buy.

The Banale Mat is a yoga mat that was designed with input from the yoga community. It’s made from all natural rubber, it’s BPA free and latex free. There are several features that make it easy to use, as well.


The Pros – what we really love

  • It’s anti-slip for a great grip, which is essential for some forms of yoga.
  • It shrinks down to the size of a 64 oz water bottle, making it very compact.
  • There’s a clip so that you can clip it to bikes, suitcases, briefcases and more for maximum portability.
  • It’s fairly cheap, with Early Bird prices starting at $69 for one and $119 for two.

But, there are several flaws in the campaign for the mat, and several drawbacks with the mat itself.

Review and Discussion — Do you really need this yoga mat?

The first thing you need to know is that the Banale Mat is difficult to clean and care for. You can’t put it in the washing machine or use soap on it. The only thing you can use to clean it is the “Banale Spray”, which only comes included with certain pledges, like the $89 minimalist kit. At that price point, you can already own several cheaper mats.

You also can’t leave it in direct sunlight, so yoga in the park may not be a good idea with it. Also, if it gets wet, you have to let it completely dry before you roll it up, which is a pain. You’re obviously going to sweat when exercising, so this seems like a bit of an oversight. 


They seem to be having some trouble keeping up with the demand for the 2 packs. For several hours, the $119 option was unavailable, forcing backers to pledge $129 for the option. They later got emails saying that they could get the $119 option. The company says that backers can get the $119 by changing their perk and pledge, but it’s understandably annoying. 

Further annoying their backers is their “Updates” page. Their campaign was funded in only 24 hours, which is fantastic. However, that was done nearly a month ago. It’s now covered well over 269% of their goal. The only update is that their goal was achieved. This means that there are no stretch goals, and with only 18 days remaining in the campaign, it’s very likely that there won’t be any. Lots of companies want to make their products better for their backers if they get more funding than they anticipated, but Banale doesn’t appear to be one of those companies. 

You also won’t get your mat for an annoyingly long time. They’re estimating that delivery won’t start until March 2019. Manufacturing won’t begin until November 2018. Their campaign has been live since September, and it was funded in one day. So, this is an unusually long time to wait before beginning the manufacturing process. They must know this, too, because there’s a question asking why it will take so long under the FAQ’s. They say that it’s because they need to know how many to make before manufacturing. But, this is true of other campaigns, as well, and many don’t wait so long to start manufacturing their product. 

With some of the problems with this campaign, you could probably cut the company some slack if you thought they were new and just getting established. But, that isn’t the case. They’ve already had four other successful campaigns. So, they should probably know more about making their backers happy, like frequent updates and stretch goals. 

Conclusion — Our thought

The Banale Mat may very well be a quality product, and I don’t debate that, at all. But, it does seem that the company provides quality over service and customer happiness. So, if none of the things mentioned in this article bother you, it may very well be worth it to you to pledge and back the Banale Mat’s campaign. But, if they do bother you, it may be worth it to check out other mats on the market (like the one I mentioned above) made from materials that are easier to clean and care for, and won’t take so long to ship.