BAUBAX 2.0 – The Travel Jacket With Built-in Neck Pillow, Eye Mask, and more!

BAUBAX 2.0 is a functional everyday jacket with 25 useful features.

You just backed the Adv3nture Jackets, the pillow jacket, and now there is a better one coming out? Travel jackets on Indiegogo is never a scarcity. And whether which one is better, is always depending on personal preferences and how promising the campaign looks. On one hand, if you’ve ever back any campaign on Kickstarter/Indiegogo before, you will know that many campaigns doesn’t really live up to what it promised on the video, one good example is the Adv3nture Jackets, check our analysis here to find out why.

Back to BAUBAX 2.0, a sleek looking stylish jackets that offers many handy features including an inflatable neck pillow, footrest, eye mask, and more. Back then, the BAUBAX 1.0 had a huge success in 2015, bringing in a number that many creators could only dream of – $9.2 million. However, a big number only tells half the truth.

Is it really worth a buy? or it’s just another flop product?

We will see.


Review and Discussion – Should you buy this jacket?

BAUBAX 2.0 starts at a price of $139, and If you are expecting to get an $80 worth quality jacket, you are in the wrong place. Unlike many other travel jackets that boasted about their excellent premium fabrics, BAUBAX 2.0 is a rather average quality jacket. At the very least they don’t mention the quality part. From what the majority of the previous backer’s stated, most of them are having an average experience with BAUBAX 1.0. Despite some backers having issues with the jacket size and shipping delay, other than that, most are still satisfied with the product overall. Also, their customer support is fast and on-point.

The BAUBAX 1.0 is now on Amazon. Like many others successful crowdfunding products, BAUBAX doesn’t get half its attention as in the Amazon community, neither is the good reviews. It has an average of 3.5 stars plus a range of mixed reviews on Amazon. Out of those, many customers are complaining about the wrong size and quality issues. You can learn more about the reviews here.

The lengthy promo video on the campaign describes every single feature of the BAUBAX 2.0. In comparison to Adv3nture Jackets, BAUBAX 2.0 seems inferior in both its designs and materials, despite having a great publicity. It features a built-in eye mask, inflatable neck pillow and glove, but for the rest of the other features, are coming as the separated item and were kept in the designated pocket compartments. It makes little sense as to any other better quality pillow jacket like this (Amazon) can do pretty much the same job, at only a fraction of the price.

Overall, is the BAUBAX 2.0 worth for the price? It depends. As to me, I can always find a cheaper and better quality jacket elsewhere. If necessary, get an inflatable footrest. foldable blanket, collapsible travel bottle, etc., and slip them into your existing jacket’s pocket. Well, you get the picture.