BedJet 3 – The climate control device for your bed

The BedJet 3 is a climate control system for beds with heating and cooling features.

It has WIFI connectivity and is integrated with Amazon Alexa voice control devices. It also features an iOS/Android app and a color screen remote to control the system. They also have a dual zone setup so you and your partner can enjoy different temperatures and remain comfortable.

It sounds like an innovative idea to make your bed more comfortable and improve sleep, even if your partner prefers a different temperature setting than you do.

Before we start, you may want to check out the review video (above) for the Bedjet Version 2 to see how it actually work. 

Review and Discussion – Is it worth spending the money to back it? What are the drawbacks? 

The very first thing you need to know is that there are no 220-240V models available, only 120V US versions. This means that it won’t work in European countries, and they don’t have any sort of adapter to accommodate them.

And because of this, they don’t ship internationally. In fact, they don’t even ship to outlying US territories. So, if you don’t live in the continental US, you’re kind of out of luck. 

There is only a heater and a fan on the unit, meaning that it can push heat, but it doesn’t have any sort of an air conditioner on it. What it does is pull in ambient air from the room. So, if the air in the room is 72 degrees and the bed is 100 degrees or more, it will feel colder to have 72 degrees air being fanned in under you.

So, while it does have a heater to increase temperatures, it really doesn’t have a system to lower the temperature so much as to match the temperature of the air around you, which is not what one thinks of when they read that the system will “cool” your bed down. 

They sell a special “Cloud Sheet” for it that’s sectioned off and designed to contain and circulate the air.

You can buy the system without the sheet and just use your own. But, I’m not sure why a person would do this. Obviously, standard sheets aren’t designed to trap and circulate air, so the system won’t work as well without it.

If you put the nozzle between a normal fitted sheet and the mattress, it will billow up. It becomes doubly ridiculous to purchase the duo set without the special sheet because a normal sheet won’t provide separate climate control.

Speaking of the duo sleep system, I noticed a major drawback with it.

It looks like it’s great for customized climate control on both halves of the bed. The sheet is fashioned in such a way that it sort of looks like two sleeping bags that have been sewn together, keeping air from seeping into the other side. And, while this may provide excellent dual climate control, it’s going to severely limit intimacy.

For instance, if you like to cuddle with your partner, the sheet won’t much allow for that. But, using the system without it isn’t going to work very well. So, this is a sort of catch 22 drawback that they need to work on. 

What’s more, there are several drawbacks and flaws with the sheets.

First of all, they’re 100% cotton, which makes them comfortable, but makes them hard to clean and care for. Cotton has a tendency to shrink.

Second, they only come in white. No other color options are available. White is notorious for staining easily, not to mention that it may not match all décor styles.

Third, they can’t be oversized. They site engineering issues as the reason, saying that if sheets hang over the sides it creates problems. So, if your partner is a blanket hog, this is going to cause problems.

And lastly, in comparison to their previous version, the Cloud Sheet is expensive. The single unit is $249 without it. With the Cloud Sheet, it’s $328. The Duo system is $458 without the sheet and $559 with it. So, considering the fact that you need the sheet in order to get the best use out of the product, they should really improve it if they’re going to charge that much for it. 

The Complaints

The next complaints that I see coming are with the remote control and its connectivity to apps and such.

The remote control doesn’t have any bumps or anything on it for orientation in the dark. It’s backlit, but finding it to control that could be difficult.

There were bumps on the 2nd version, and it’s been suggested for this one. But the only real fix for this that they’ve come up with is some sort of sticker attachment that seems inadequate.

What’s worse: you can’t use the v2 remote with the v3. V2 backers will have the option to get a special remote with the release of the v3 that’s backward compatible so they can use it with both, but it’s backlit with no bumps like the v3. 

The device has WIFI capability. However, the app uses Bluetooth technology, not WIFI. This seems ridiculous considering that it has WIFI capability. It syncs up with Amazon Alexa voice control devices just fine, and does so quickly because of the WIFI connection. But, it only integrates with Alexa, not Apple or any other products.

They say that they’re looking into other integrations, but have specifically said that they won’t be available until after this campaign is over, if at all.

So, if you own other products and are looking forward to connecting your BedJet 3 to them, wait until you see that they’ve introduced other integrations to the hardware updates before buying it. 

The first 30 BedJet 3 units have just now been built in August and are being field tested until October. They are, among other things, getting electric appliance certification on them. So, they’re basically just now testing to make sure that the electric components are safe. They also don’t know things like whether weighted blankets will work with it. (Their answer said they didn’t know because they hadn’t tested that yet.) They’re running tests on the product, and will be for months. This means that backers are basically guinea pigs.

This is a disheartening thought all by itself, but even more so when you consider that this is their 3rd version and their 3rd campaign.

The BedJets won’t start being shipped until December. So, if you’re hoping to get one in time for Christmas, don’t hold your breath because they aren’t guaranteeing that. Standard shipping can take 6-8 weeks, so if they just start shipping them in December, it’s very likely that backers won’t receive the product until the end of January or the beginning of February. 

Final words

Is it worth it? We stand neutral on this one.

While the BedJet 3 is an innovative idea with lots of ingenious technology on it, the company is still working out all of the kinks in terms of both design and customer service. Hopefully, they keep using these campaigns to learn what works and what doesn’t, and learn what their backers really want. It’s only then that this will be a truly must-have product.