BetterBack Super Straps – Lift 27 Pounds Off Your Backpack

Super Straps are designed to make wearing a backpack less heavy and painful. In this review, you will learn if this new strap worth a buy.

They lift the backpack and the weight closer to your neck, spine and shoulders. It’s designed to easily activate and relieve stress, which can be harmful if endured every day.

The creators claim it will take 27 lbs of pressure off of your neck, shoulders, hips and back. It’s also made to be ergonomic, improve posture and outlast the backpack. You would think this product would be for young children and teenagers because they have to carry heavy books and supplies around, right? Nope. Right now the creators are saying that this model isn’t recommended for children, as they would be too big and long for children’s backpacks like this one.

Aww, that’s bad…

That decision effectively ostracizes an entire demographic that they could have made some major money off of, which seems short-sighted. You can, however, use it on baby carrier straps, which would relieve some of the pressure.


Alright, so what it is and how does it really work?

You put the super straps on your backpack (or whatever kind of straps you’re using) and then use the pulleys on it, which only takes about a second to activate. What it does is create an arc that pulls the pack up and re-distributes the weight. So, what in the world would someone use them for? Hiking, baby carriers, sports, commuting, college students, etc. Any adult that uses backpacks or things that use similar straps.

Review and Discussion – Are the straps worth buying?

They’ve been tested and work best on between 7-21 lbs of weight. However, they haven’t been tested enough to know what the maximum weight they can handle. So, it’s probably best not to use more than 21 lbs of weight with them. The pull system is designed to work for approximately 100,000 uses. Surely the average person isn’t going to actually count to 100,000 to remember how many times they’ve used the straps, so that’s not a very good way to tell how long the hardware will last.

It works on backpacks with 1-3 inch straps. So, if your straps are under an inch wide, or over 3 inches wide, the Super Straps likely won’t fit and work properly. That said, it also probably won’t work on drawstring or some messenger bags.

On one hand, when redistributing the backpack’s weight, it takes some practice to really get it right. The straps pull the backpack up towards your shoulders and pull the straps over your shoulders in such a way as to seat the backpack closer to your lumbar. But, if you’re especially tall, have broad shoulders, etc., the straps may not work well for you.

They’re one size fits most, which means exactly that “most”.

If you live outside the United States, the company won’t cover the customs and duties tax. That’s all on you. The straps are around $49-59 (depending on if you get the early bird deal or not). The company is expecting to start shipping of the Super Straps in October.

There are lots of other systems similar to this on the market that you could have a long time before that.

So, is it worth it?

It’s not going to be worth it to anyone who doesn’t carry an approximately 20 lb load on a regular basis. The straps may not work on anything heavier than that, they don’t work for children’s backpacks and they may not work on every size of a person. Sometimes “one size fits most” doesn’t fit. Not to mention, it wouldn’t even be ready by the time school started, for most people. Meanwhile, I’d just tighten my backpack straps and get my backpack closer to my back and shoulders.