Blackbeard Cookware Set – Trusted by Michelin Star Chefs

The Blackbeard Cookware Set is a set of non-stick, non-scratch, stainless steel, chef-grade pots and pans. As we were suggested by one of our readers to give this cookware set a deeper look, below is our unbiased review.

They were designed to provide quality cookware at an affordable price. Crowd Cookware, the company producing and selling the Blackbeard Cookware Set, mostly operates through crowdfunding. They take suggestions from backers and use it for their next campaign. (This is their second campaign.) There are various pledge levels with a variety of cookware options as rewards.

The options include frying pans, sauce pans, deep casseroles and lids for the frying pans. They’re all easily stored, stacking inside one another.

And, what they seem to be most proud of is the steel honeycomb pattern that sticks up over the non-stick coating that extends the life of the coating to at least five years. But, there are several flaws in the product, and the way it’s sold. 

Review and discussion – Worth it?

First off, the rewards for pledges are pretty stationary. You can’t add more pans and lids to your pledge. You may be able to once the campaign is over, via the pledge manager. The company is, however, considering the possibility of add-on options. But, right now, they’re not an option. So, if you want the full set, you should probably shell out for the most expensive pledge, the Ultimate Armada. You might end up with some things you didn’t want, but it’s really the only way to ensure that you receive the items that you DO want. 

There’s a glaring omission from their Armada set. There is no way to drain pasta or other foods. There’s no strainer, no insert for draining, and there’s no lid to effectively strain food. If you seriously need the strainer. Backers keep making the suggestion, but the company doesn’t seem to think that this is something that will appear on this campaign. But, since they do pay attention to their backers’ comments on their products, it’s very possible that just because it doesn’t show up on this campaign, it doesn’t mean it won’t show up on the next one. 

Their most exciting bit of technology isn’t theirs. It’s been around for years, meaning that they’ve recycled it and called it their own. The honeycomb design has already been sold in China and Europe. The company states that they know there are other versions of it out there, but that Crowd Cookware is the first to produce it at this quality and this price in the U.S. and Europe. But, if it doesn’t work (which I’ll be getting to in a moment), it’s possible that other companies have abandoned the tech, and that this company simply retrieved it from the rubbish bin. 

The pans are marketed as being non-stick. However, they aren’t truly non-stick. You can cook an egg in a good non-stick pan without the use of oil or butter, and it won’t stick. But, this company strongly suggests the use of oil or butter. Why? The honeycomb design. The honeycomb pattern very much limits the abilities of the non-stick coating. They state that the reason for the honeycomb pattern is to increase the life of the non-stick coating. But, what good does it do to extend the life of the coating if it makes the coating ineffective? 

Sum up

So, overall, the cookware set looks good and it’s quite handy that they stack inside each other for storage. It’s also nice that this set is fairly inexpensive, and that it will last for some time. But, the fact that the non-stick coating isn’t effective completely negates all of the positive qualities of the cookware. If one were to want to buy ineffective cookware, they could just as easily do that at their local chain retail store.