Bristly – The toothbrush for dog

Bristly is the new toothbrush for your dog. Below in this article, we will explain whether if you should really spend money on this chew toy, or just walk away.

Just like us human, dog’s oral hygiene is important and most of the pet owners are brushing their furry friend’s teeth once a week or every two weeks, and it’s pretty normal. Although it’s suggested to brush daily or three days a week, people don’t really have time for that, especially when they have to deal with more than a dog, day job and kids.

Bristly is claimed to be the “world’s most effective” toothbrush for dogs. Is it true? no, below we will explain why.

Review and Discussion – Is it really worth it?

Before this, let’s run a little background check for this product and company. Originally called Brite Bite (first version), this product has been released to the market a couple of years ago and the response wasn’t as good. And for now, the creator seeks the new opportunity on Kickstarter and Indiegogo.

In terms of the overall functionality, the idea of this product is pretty much similar to this chew toy I found on Amazon where it’s made in a ball shape. However, the ball shape may not be suitable for the bigger dog as it may get chewed up and swallowed. Same goes for the Bristly (newer version), some customers who have previously used the Brite Bite had reported that the toy gets destroyed in literally minutes.

This rubbery toy seems to be quite fragile under the sharp teeth. Below are the some of the reviews from the previous buyers: 

So how about the latest Bristly?

Although the company claimed that it has “significantly” improved the durability, there is no indication of the new material or what changes have actually been made to the 2.0 version. So, it’s better to assume everything stays the same as the Brite Bite until the creators update me about this information.

As you can tell, the dogs weren’t actually biting or chewing it, they licked it instead so to get to the “treat”.

While for some other customers, some dogs did chew up the toy for a while before getting bored with it. So, how your dog responds to Bristly is depending on their preference and interest. If you would use the peanut butter on it, and for sure, your dog might go and lick/chew it, but no one can be certain if your dog would share the same love with the toothpaste.

Another concern is on the effectiveness of this toothbrush. Unlike the popular toothbrush for dogs like this one, Bristly’s bristle is rubbery, thick and fat. While it’s still possible to scrape off some soft plaque deposits, but not really for the stubborn tartar build up.

Therefore, this is not a substitute for the normal brushing.


In overall, is it worth it? Maybe. If you would put treats on a toy, why not just go for the chews dog treat instead? It’s easier and cheaper. For the price, each Bristly costs you $21 (Early bird), $9 for the toothpaste, and $7 for shipping fee (excluding the customs duty). Also, you’ll need to constantly replace the toothpaste.