C-Rest v2.0 – The 10min Neck Pain Solution

When you have a neck pain, what would you do? For me, just leave it. And I guess many of you are doing nothing about it as well. I was having a neck pain a few days ago (probably due to bad sleeping posture), and you know what, it was killing me! It’s really a painful experience. Luckily, I am feeling much better now.

It would be better if I got the perfect chance to try this C-rest to my neck pain. For those of you who are not so in luck, neck pain could have been bothered you for a long while. And, C-Rest could be one good solution for you.

C-rest is a neck massager that helps you to relieve neck tension. One of the common problem after a day-long hunching in front of the office computer is the neck pain. C-rest is a simple tool designed to release your tighten muscle.

In this section below, we will be discussing whether is this manual massager really worth a buy, or just another flop on Kickstarter (or Indiegogo). Also, if you are planning to buy it, we have pointed out something you need to be noted beforehand.

Review and Discussion — Is C-Rest Worth-a-buy?

So before we get into the detail, let’s discuss a little bit about the creator’s background. Out of 6 Kickstarter campaigns, 3 campaigns were suspended. And the reason for that is because of people reporting that highly similar products were already selling somewhere else. Yes, the records are not good and the creators seem to copy-cat some of the existing product and reinventing the wheel. What about the product quality? The failure on Kickstarter doesn’t stop the creator go beyond the platform, they went on selling on Amazon and here is the C-rest on Amazon.

As you can tell, there is nearly 20% of the 1-star rating which is not a good sign. Most customers are saying that this pillow doesn’t really help much, pricey, and painful experience. Clearly, the comments say it all. Frankly, I do not think the pillow well worth for the price. I would rather suggest you get a simple hand-held massager like this one.

It’s nothing like what they say about the “reviews” around the web.

On one hand, you must know what causes you the neck pain. Like many similar massagers, C-rest is designed for neck strain. Therefore, It won’t help, or even make the condition worst, if it’s caused by the neck’s injury or neurological diseases.

C-rest isn’t soft. Like many have complained about the stiffness, It’s so firm and rigid that people often experience pain and uncomfortable when lying down on it. So, if you are planning to get one, be prepared.

In overall, is this worth it? We don’t think so. Other than the points we mentioned above, C-Rest is well over-priced. The final price you pay for isn’t including the shipping fee and customs duties. So if you’re desperately looking for an alternative to your neck pain, here I found a good pillow which loved by many people.