Caply: The Long Lasting Wearable Action Camera

Caply is a small wearable action camera. In the review section below, you will learn if this product worth a buy.

When we say the high-end expensive mobile phone, you will probably think of the Apple iPhone. While for the action camera, the first camera that crosses your mind will most likely be the GoPro. What makes GoPro so popular is that it’s a high-quality durable “crash cam” for outdoor activities. With only a fraction of the $6000+ worth of professional camera, you’ll get the most value out of an “equivalently” good quality camera.

Although some say the GoPro is still on the expensive end, which is indeed the GoPro Hero 6 now is starting at a whopping $400. It may be too much for casual users, but it’s more than enough for Insta-photographers, vloggers and outdoor activists.

Certainly, when a competition calls, there will always be copycats. There are a lot of similar “GoPro knockoffs” action camera in the market at a much lower price, such as this cheap action camera by Campark is a 4x cheaper alternative.

To join the warfare of the action camera, Caply takes a completely different approach.


Sound pretty cool huh? but…

Overview – How does it really work?

Caply is a new action camera that features a long-lasting battery for up to 5 hours of 1080p HD continuous video recording. It has an incredible standby mode for up to 120 hours (5 days in a row). The intuitively small and clipping design allows you to quickly capture any incredible moment instantly. To make this a daily wearable, Caply has a modern design with a large memory space for up to 128 GB.

Also, Caply offers a voice control and assistive touch system. With just a touch of your finger or voice activation, it quickly snaps a picture or records an EIS stabilized shake-free video. To make this a universal wearable, Caply is compatible to GoPro accessory and can be easily mounted on your vehicle via flex, strap, connector, or a clip.

Review and Discussion – 3 reasons of why you should save your hard-earn money

For those who are curious about the specs and resolution, to be honest, Caply is uncomparable to GoPro in any way. Caply isn’t marketed in that area either. In fact, it compromised the resolution for a great portability. It gives you a max 1080p full HD resolution with 2 megapixels. Most of the phones in the market are having a far better camera resolution and is having more than 5mp in general. To give you a picture, the iPhone 4 which released 8 years ago is having a 5 megapixels, 720p/30fps rear-facing camera.

On the other hand, Caply is using the lowest frame rate to calculate for the longest “5 hours” battery lifetime. If It’s using the highest 30 fps, the battery will last for an ideally 3.2 hours max. Therefore, the comparison table on the Caply campaign isn’t entirely true, they were compared at a different resolution scale set. For GoPro Hero 5, if the settings were adjusted to the low 1080p/30 W, the GoPro would have a video recording time lasts for 2.5 hours, which is only 0.7 hours (or 42 minutes) lesser than Caply.

Therefore, this camera will not produce a stunning image to impress your friends. You will probably not taking an awesomely cool high-resolution Instagram photo with this camera either. From a customer standpoint, did you notice that there are no photos taken by Caply on the campaign page?

Nonetheless, Caply is designed to be an on-the-go quick action camera. Regardless of the spec, it is a much lower price in comparison to GoPro Hero 5. Still slightly higher than most “GoPro Knockoffs” though, Caply’s funding starts at a price of $54 on Kickstarter.

Instead of this device, we would rather recommend you to use this 12-in-1 lenses phone case. Whereby you don’t really need to carry any other devices other than your mobile phone.