Cardlax – The Portable Electric Card Massager

Cardlax is a credit-card-size electric massager. Here in this review article, we will discuss if this product really worth a buy.

For many of us, hunching in front of a computer is part of our daily routine. Eventually, the habit may slowly develop into the back/shoulder pain that haunts our days and nights.

Over years, we have come across a number of posture devices for the back pain. One of which is this posture trainer device that sticks to your upper back just like Cardlax did. It gives you a gentle nudge whenever you are slouching so to prevent the pressure buildup.

Whereas, Cardlax did the opposite. Other than the prevention, Cardlax embraced the facts — It gives you a massage to release your muscle tension.



Review and Discussion – Should you buy this card massager?

First of all, you may be heard of massage chair, back or foot massager, what about the electrical massager? not too much right, don’t worry you are fine. Just so you know, Cardlax is an electrical stimulation device.

Is it safe? Not really.

The method is based on the use of electrical signals to stimulate your muscle to contract by itself — Electrical Muscle Stimulation (EMS). This is also the same method used by some of the athletes to effortlessly lose weight and also to improve their strength/speed.

However, the method was initially not for the non-medical uses but rehabilitation purpose by doctors and physiotherapists. And many have reported that it could actually pose a potential danger to your health.

While the use of EMS device is under debate, Cardlax is working on these principles and the risk is yours. By that means, you will have an increased chance of potential stroke due to the pulse signals disrupt the function of your carotid artery.

On the other hand, not all the pains derived from muscle tension but could be blood clotting, internal laceration or some other medical conditions. In this case, Cardlax does more harm than good.

Other than the controversy, Cardlax is nowhere near the first-in-class nor revolutionary.

While Cardlax appears to be a smart “spin” of the existing product, there are actually many similar EMS devices on the market. Here is one I found on Amazon with many good reviews plus an average of 4.6 out of 5 stars. Unlike Cardlax, it comes with a few extendable adhesive pads to reach to the different part of your body at once. Despite the small size and portability, Cardlax allows only 1 area at a time.

Overall, is the Cardlax worth it? The choice is on yours. Personally, I will pass on that as there are plenty of similar product (like the one above) that have been tested by many, why would I risk my time and money on the untested? Furthermore, Cardlax did not show any function specialties over the others.