Chef Caddy – The Organized Spices Storage

Chef Caddy is a modular storage for spices. It’s designed to save space and time to suit your cooking style. In this article, we are going to look into the design, price and functionality of this new Kickstarter invention.

Created by Casey, Chef Caddy is a new spice rack that offers a clean and contemporary design. The base unit comes with a handy Bottle Caday for you to keep oils, vinegar, and sauces. Comes with customizable label set, the main idea is to be organized and to ease your cooking session.

Furthermore, Chef Caddy is patent-pending. That means the design is unique.

New Spices Rack – Worth buying?

Although the idea is not totally new, Chef Caddy is a much better option when compared to the existing spice rack.

The quick-grab style gives you plenty of time to focus on creating your next taste meal rather than the mess of seasonings. From salt, pepper and to the onion, there are a lot of basic cooking spices in almost any cuisine. Just to name a few, there are cinnamon, pepper, garlic, ginger, salt, oregano, rosemary, and various form of powders and extracts. Well, you get the picture.


Cooking is an art of cleaned and organised work.

Chef Caddy features a thoughtful set of labeled reminders on top of each bottle collars. There, you can sort spices according to the dishes without needing to search through the recipes.

Also, we love the fact that it’s has a magnet design to attach to each other. That way, you can stack up as many rack stations as you like in your kitchen, to create your setup of a customized spice rack โ€” standing, hanging or stashing! With the magnetic feature, you can attach your spice rack to the surface where you can just grab-and-go.

No more messy spice drawer!

One thing though, the modular design has a fixed size limit for each ingredient. For instance, you may not able to fit much cinnamon in each modular. So, if you would like to cook up for 10 people or larger, that doesn’t sound good nor convenient. Nevertheless, it’s more than enough for your regular family cooking.

Sum up

Is Chef Caddy good for you? I can’t be sure, but it is definitely for me. I would pretty much love a handy spice rack just to keep my attention on the cooking part, instead of running here and there like a headless chicken.