Cling nanoMAT – The Larger Nano Suction Pad


Cling nanoMAT is an adhesive nano suction pad to stick your item firmly upright to the wall. In this review article, we will discuss if you should spend money on this product.

Last July, Cling Adhesives has launched a nano suction pad crowdfunding campaign (Cling nanoSTRIPS) on Kickstarter. The result was wildly successful bringing-in almost 10x pledges of what they asked for. Despite being an outdated tech, people are still buying the idea. In fact, many didn’t know that these things had already on the market for years. Meanwhile, if you are not sure, here is one good example you can actually find on Amazon now.


Fast forward to their new campaign Cling nanoMAT, you guessed it, it evolved from nanoSTRIPS to the nanoMAT for a reason. There is no new groundbreaking style/version/material/features, but an old, larger piece of pads that uses almost entirely the same things as the previous.

Wrapping in the new ads and marketing strategy, they are coming back for you.



Review and Discussion — Is this nano pad really worth buying?

This thing reminded me of this popular sticky gel pad, which had people crazed over on Kickstarter a few years back. Unfortunately, it later got suspended by Kickstarter.

Considering that they’re using the same material but a little twist in the chemical composition, Cling Adhesives claims to be the “stickiest” and “most capable” nano pad out there.

In fact, they did not add too many values to their new campaign except for the release of a new transparent (clear) pad option beside of the dark color, most of the rest stays the same.

That said, many previous Cling nanoSTRIPS customers are pretty happy with the result and supported their 2nd nanoMAT project again. However, one particular customer has reported the increase in a couple degrees of room temperature will actually affect the stickiness of the pad.

While this is expected for the “more rubbery” Cling nanoMAT to compromise the stickiness for the solidity, will this product react poorly to the temperature fluctuation? Until the creators give us a response, it’s safe to assume that this thing works best at room temperature but not higher/lower. Meanwhile, if you are sticking either the overheating electronics or to a hot surface, you might want to think twice.

Another concern is the size limit claims to be not more than 6.6 lbs (3 kg).

Although the small item works better, one of the biggest nano pad’s drawbacks is the chances of falling off. So, a good practice is not to stick your expensive tech devices for a long time despite the claim.

Plus, it very much depends on various factors such as the type of surface, temperature, moisture, weights of the subject, and also the total contacted surface area.

In many cases, the stickiness tends to decrease dramatically over a short period of time, which often happens in days. The stickiness reduce could be due to some of the particles and dust are very difficult to wash off from the pad, rendering this type of product useless in a long run.

Overall, is this worth buying? Maybe. They are many similar products on the market with an average of 3/5 stars and mostly cut in various shape such as this one in triangles. Afterall, it can be a good car cradle/mount but not really suitable for your selfie or Netflix time.