Clip Grip — The Handle To Keep All Your Drink Cold

Clip Grip is a universal handle attachment for all type of bottle and container.

Returning home from a tiring workday and laying down on the sofa, wondering what would give you the final bit of sweetness in life? That’s right, to most of the men, an icy cold beer is the death wish! The chill sent all the fatigue back to where it belongs, and finally reaches your fingertips. It hurt! *frostbite

Out of the fridge, your beer starts getting warmer before you can even finish it. What an anti-climax! you will then need to chill it again. There are some other ways to keep your beer cold for a longer time, like this one stainless steel BottleKeeper that I found on Amazon. But, no one wants to use a bottle at a bonfire party! Plus, it’s a big hassle. Until the creator of Clip Grip, Justin Bauer, reach out to me about his new handle attachment to keep literally any drinks cold for longer.

Meet Clip Grip.


Clip Grip is a universal handle for almost all types of bottle and container — as long as it fits your hand size. The idea is simple but very useful. It prevents the heat transfer from your hand to the bottle, and therefore you can enjoy a much colder drink 3x longer. Clip Grip is designed to grip on most of the drinkware and houseware, such as a cup, jar, glass bottle, plastic container, tumbler and so on. Also, it’s dishwashable, so you can throw in your kitchen sink without the need of detaching.


Another cool feature of Clip Grip is that it locks on your hand tightly. Cold drink tends to condense water droplet on the surface, and it may then slip off from your hand. Specifically designed for kids and elderly with disabilities or neurological disorders, Clip Grip grabs tightly on the hand and prevents slipping, even if they fall asleep.

Review and Discussion

Clip Grip is indeed helpful in some circumstances such as helping out people with neurological disorders to grab better at their daily use object, as some of the tumbler and cup is simply too big to hold with one hand. Justin had told me that there are people who have their family members with arthritis and cerebral palsy seeks help from him too, and the result is awesome.

However, the idea is far from revolutionary. There are, in fact, countless universal bottle handles in the market with many variations. Here is what I have found on Amazon alone; There is one for baby strollers, one for the bigger container, and one that is quite similar to Clip Grip. Comparing the last one which is made of stretchy material, Clip Grip is still slightly on the winning end — Solid, stable, adjustable and cheaper in price. However, the band is more convenient and stylish looking in general.

Although this project has been primarily marketed for those to keep drinks like beer colder and longer, I see it otherwise. First, advertising to the wrong group of people. No one would like to add an additional hassling handle attachment to their beer bottle except that they have a problem in holding the bottle. Considering the color and design, it’s simply not visually pleasing in a party or in a bar. Therefore, the result will be much better to focus on the kids and elderly with disabilities.

On the other hand, one concern is that the locking feature may block the blood circulation. Some people with disables can’t tell if they feel any numbness until their whole fingers turn purple. So, the creator can add a new locking design for a more comfortable and safer locking feature on Clip Grip.

Overall, Clip Grip is useful for some with disabilities, who may find difficulty in holding or “feeling” the bottle and therefore drop it frequently.