Crux LX: The All-in-one Wireless Router


In this review, you will learn everything before wasting your money on this one.

What we love

Crux LX is a wireless router to replace your wired/cordless phones, mobiles, intercom, answering machines and many more, you name it. Created by Rohit Gupta, who has over 20 years of experience working at Fortune top 500 company, Crux LX router gives you the flexibility to use all phone-related communication method in one. Specifically, it gives users to make VoIP calls. Instead of paying hundreds or even thousands of dollars in softphones, intercom, answering machines, voicemail and many more, Crux LX offers a more price-wise method for your business or personal use.


The router features a high-end global solution to your phones. It is small, portable, wireless and allows users to make VoIP calls and get access to a list of features like the IP-PBX which commonly available to large companies. Design with great portability and flexibility in mind, Crux LX is not static as your router/cordless telephone which has lots of limitations. With many functionalities in one, It is also lightweight and can connect up to 250 users at a time, thus eliminating the need of intercom.

Worry about the long distance calls charges? One key function of this device is its globality. You can connect with your friends or business partners at zero call charges wherever you are. All you need is an internet access (broadband, for example) and you can make phone calls anytime you want. If absent of internet, It can still be used as a wireless intercom to communicate between the devices. Once the Crux LX router is connected to the internet, you can receive calls from your home even if you are not physically there. And the best part, it is free!

To make the Crux Lx working, you will need to download the Linphone app on your mobile devices. Then, set up SIP address and you are good to go.


Review and Discussion – Is this router worth a buy?

Crux LX uses VoIP in making calls. And it may potentially pose a disadvantage where the system itself is less reliable with shared internet protocols. Plus, it usually has a longer latency delay with a higher risk of internet hiccups in compared to other methods. One last concern is the IP address. This is the very same reason of most scam callers are using the VoIP, the VoIP address is hardly or never be traced. Therefore, your geological location can easily be manipulated, in other words, the receivers (in case of emergency calls) are unable to track your location.

The common PBX system is more reliable but is lacking features like IVR, conference, and voicemail.

Despite the fact mention above, Crux LX is still considerably cheaper, feature-rich, and highly portable for less-professional uses. It may not be suitable for big/growing business, but It is more than enough for the individual, small businesses, office branches, or oversea discussion group.

If you not sure about it, I would advise to give it a try since it’s not expansive compared to the most existing solution in the market. The investment may pay off in a long run. Meanwhile, there are no recurring costs in the future and each acquisition is as low as $4 per user.

Price and Bonus

Crux LX is now available for only $360, while you can enjoy a big cut up to 40% off future retail price.