Discover How to Play Spades Online

Spades Online is an online card game that is derived from a card game from the 1930s in the US. It is usually played with a partner but there is a version called cutthroat for solo players. 

The game is part of the Whist family of card games which includes Hearts, Oh Hell, and Bridge. There are a lot of variations in the way you play Spades Online including deal variations, bidding variations, and trump variations. 

With such flexible gameplay, there are also many ways you can attack the game. However, there is only one objective, which is to make your opponents lose rounds by making sure you outrank their cards in each round.  

Discover How to Play Spades Online
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Spades Online offers players a chance to play the game in the virtual world from wherever they may be. Players also would not need to wait for people to play as the system lets you queue with other players from all over the world. 

To learn more about how to play Spades Online and its different techniques to win, read below.

How to Play

Spades Online allows you to play with several other players online. Once the dealer has passed 13 cards to all the players, the game starts. Bids are made based on the players’ hand and players must make at least one bid.

A bid is essentially you saying how many tricks it will take for you to win. A trick is each round of cards. The dealer places a card down as the lead. Each player would then try to outrank the cards placed before it in a clockwise fashion.

Keep in mind that you can only place a card that outranks the previous card and it should be in the same suit or be a trump card. 

The winner becomes the dealer of the next game and the game continues until all the cards are played.

Example Play

The dealer places a Queen of Hearts as a lead card and the next player would have to play a card higher than a Queen with the same suit. 

The third player places King of Hearts and the fourth one places an Ace of Hearts. The fourth player wins that round and can deal a card to his liking in which other players will have to outrank.

Discover How to Play Spades Online
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Scoring the Game

Points are rewarded for the person that can outrank the highest card in a certain round. A player gains 10 points for each trick bid that they make and 1 point for an overtrick. 

This means that if a player places a bid of five tricks and ends up winning seven the score would be 52 with 50 points for the trick and 2 points for the overtrick.

The scores are available for everyone to see. If in any case that there is a tie between the scores, all players must play one more round to break the tie. The points can be agreed upon by other players if they want the game to be longer. 

Sometimes, they can just be around 200 if they want a shorter game or it can be as high as 1,000 if they want to. It all depends on the players however, the official winning score is usually 500 points.


Card games are a classic way to spend time with friends and give your brain some exercise. While playing Spades Online can be quite difficult to understand at first, it is quite easy to do once you get into the game. 

You can learn how to play the game by playing with bots first then move on to playing with other players. Spades Online can be accessed and readily played through your browser.