Discover the Benefits of Using the ASOS App

As a British online fashion and cosmetic retailer, ASOS allows customers to explore and buy from hundreds of brands. Additionally, ASOS also sells its own range of apparel and accessories globally. 

Using the ASOS app lets the users embark on an amazing and smooth journey to find their next outfit and accessories via an intuitive interface


In this article, we will explore the ASOS app and its features, benefits, usage, and downloading process. Read on to learn more!

  • Find a Wide Range of Brands on the ASOS App
  • Advanced Features to Enhance the User Experience
  • Tips for Using the ASOS Application
  • Getting Started with ASOS
  • Positive Customer Reviews 
Discover the Benefits of Using the ASOS App
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Find a Wide Range of Brands on the ASOS App

There are a total of 850 brands available to shop for on the ASOS app, including some of the most desired brands with a broad global presence like Zara and H&M. Plus, you will also find articles from brands that are localized to the country where the application is accessed. 

Discover the Benefits of Using the ASOS App
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Because ASOS is a global service, the application will naturally have some local, national, and international brands available for the users. This only makes using ASOS a seamless experience as it will suggest items to buy based on the user’s location. 

The ASOS app has some unique and standard features that collectively build an impressive shopping experience. Keeping abreast with dynamic customer needs, ASOS has been adept at adding new features to their application. 

Be it the catwalk videos or the visual search, or the product and seller review system, every aspect is added with a motive to enhance the customer’s experience. Here are some standard features that you can use in the app. 

Standard Features of the ASOS App

Like any other application, you can create a wishlist of the products you wish to buy in ASOS. All the items that you will save in your bag can be viewed or purchased from all the devices that have the same account access. 

With the Find option on the application, you can browse through the list of items and customize your search. ASOS gives you the option to search according to brand, type, size, cost, color, and trending. 

Besides making a wishlist, you can also share the items that you’re considering in order to get a second opinion. Share the item with a friend and see what they think about it. Isn’t this a great way to shop together?

Advanced Features to Enhance the User Experience

The advanced features in the ASOS application might not be accessible to users in every country where the application is available. But in the countries that have these features, users can leverage them to create better buying experiences. 

Discover the Benefits of Using the ASOS App
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With more than 85,000 product lines available to buy from the application, the customers can search for a product with nothing but a picture from the gallery. The visual search feature helps users buy an item that they have seen on an Instagram post or anywhere else. 

ASOS even provides catwalk videos to show off clothing items. All the products shown in the video are available on the application to buy. 

ASOS also gives you the option to pay via your credit by only clicking its picture while checking out and adding it to the system for faster checkouts

Benefits of Using the ASOS Application

Any online shopping app has its own perks and benefits. However, any service wants to create a better user experience that leads to higher engagement. ASOS has worked at bringing something unique to its shopping experience.

By understanding your previous orders, wishlist, and search history, ASOS presents personalized product recommendations. Another unique benefit of using the ASOS app is the “Back in Stock” notification you receive when an item that you wished to purchase earlier is available on the site once again. 

For every shopper, checking out the item from every aspect is of primary importance. ASOS gives you access to complete product visibility by giving a 360° view of the item. This helps you visualize the product from every angle before buying. 

Tips for Using the ASOS Application

Any online shopping application must be used with certain precautions and a way forward. The same applies to the ASOS application. Here are a few tips and tricks to take care of while using the ASOS application. 

Discover the Benefits of Using the ASOS App
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Refrain from paying the application by paying with your debit card. The best way is to use a credit card or pay via other online methods like PayPal and wallets. This is because credit cards are more secure and won’t give access to all your savings to anyone.

ASOS has several in-app features and functions to make your overall shopping experience convenient and better. ASOS has functions like visual search, catwalk videos, and a review & rating system to streamline your shopping experience

How to Download

The ASOS application is available to download from the Apple App Store and Google Play Store. It is free to download and free to use. This app contains in-app purchases, so you will likely have to grant permission for this during the download process.  

To download the application on an Android device, launch your Google Play Store app and search ‘ASOS’ in the search bar. Select the correct result to go to the app’s page. From there, click on the ‘Install’ button to begin downloading to your device. After installation has completed, click ‘Open’ to launch the app.

For an iOS device, you need to go to the App Store on your device and search ‘ASOS’ in the search bar to locate the correct app. Select it from the list of results and you will be taken to the app page. Then, you can press ‘Get’ to begin installing to your device. Once it has finished downloading, you can launch the app.

Getting Started with ASOS

Using the ASOS app is quite simple and straightforward. As an application that is built to enhance the buying experience, ASOS has streamlined the entire process from login to check out. 

Discover the Benefits of Using the ASOS App
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After downloading the app to your mobile device, start by creating your account. Use a secure password to protect your account from unauthorized access. Once you have made an account, set your profile, add a picture, and fill out other required details. 

Adding profile details is important as they help send user-centric push notifications. Once the profile is complete, you can begin browsing and exploring the app or search for a particular item or brand. 

Select items and sizes (if applicable), and when you are ready to make your purchase, head to the checkout and complete your payment.

What Customers Think

Any B2C (business to customer) product or service relies on their customer’s perspectives to plan their growth strategies. ASOS takes a similar stance and is always ready to listen to its customers when it comes to making changes and improvements to the application. 

In earlier times of the ASOS app, it lacked a rating and review feature for its products. This was a bane for the customers as they were not able to share their views about the product. At the same time, the brands were not able to hear what their customers had to say about the same. 

But after adding the feature, ASOS has given its customers a voice to state their opinions and share sizing, color, and quality feedback about the items, and it gave the brands a way to hear from their customers. Here are a few other things that the customers love or not like about the application. 

Positive Customer Reviews 

The majority of the users like shopping on the ASOS app, and there are a number of reasons behind this positive attitude. The best thing users like is the brands and their collections

Discover the Benefits of Using the ASOS App
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Added to this, the ASOS application provides an intuitive and stress-free browsing experience to the users. The premium account is cost-effective and gives access to free shipping. 

In addition to this, users also like the offers and discounts given by the platform on special occasions and events. 

Negative Customer Reviews

One thing that the ASOS app development team needs to work on is that they need to inform the users about their access rights clearly. Some users get a non-delivery message after they have added the items to the cart, which is frustrating. 

Due to its global presence, check out the application’s country-specific delivery instructions and availability before spending time selecting items in the online store. 


When it comes to the product range and quality, ASOS is fantastic

Using the ASOS app is super easy and an amazing experience. With a wide range of brands and products listed on the platform, current users are happy and potential users can be confident in taking a chance and experiencing what the app has to offer.