Domio Pro – Turn any helmet into a speaker

Domio Pro is a wireless audio device that can be attached to your helmet and turned it into a sound device instantly. It might look like a game changer at first, but it actually is not, we will explain in the section below.

Before we get into the detail, we will explain a little about how this device work.

As we know the sound wave is produced by the vibration of a medium, Domio Pro works by transferring the vibration into the helmet so to produce sound inside the helmet. In theory, it can turn literally any object into a speaker (not just for helmet), however, this idea is nowhere near a revolutionary.

In fact, there were a lot of similar products on the market already. For example, there was one called Tunebug dated back to 2010, and there is a more recent and promising one this one which has a much higher price than Domio Pro.

So, before you decide to back this project…

Here is what you need to know.

Review and Discussion — Is Domio Pro worth it?

As mentioned above, the barebone idea is pretty simple and have actually been debuted a decade ago. The company reinventing the wheel by implemented the Bluetooth 5.0 into the system, and use it on the helmet.

As most of us would use the $10 earbuds to do basically the same job, this $100 device gives you the freedom of tangle-free while riding on your bike. Other than “wow, that’s cool”, there is not much value added. If you’d add $40 more, you will then get a wireless AirMic for audio communication. For that, it is a total of $140 (excluding shipping fees and customs duty).

For sure, it’s an expensive buy for the gimmick.

Another concern is that, unlike the earbuds, you will need to recharge both the Domio Pro and Air Mic separately. Although it’s said that the battery (Domio Pro) lasts for 24 hours, you’ll probably need to recharge it a couple of times per week, and it sure is a hassle.

Depending on the type of your helmet (fully/partially covered), one disadvantage of using Domio Pro is the blending of the surrounding sound into the music. The good side, you can have a better environment awareness while riding. While for the flip side, yes, the music is awfully in a mix with all the traffic noises — just like how it’s showed exactly in the demo (under the normal riding speed).

Also, not all the helmet have space to fit the devices (Domio pro and the Air Mic). Have a good look into the available space of your helmet before buy.

On the other hand, you shouldn’t feel any vibration due to the presence of helmet polystyrene form as absorbance. For some helmet without the form (or with little form), it may not be suitable.

For the position, the position you stick the Domio Pro will affect the volume and sound quality. It’s due to the different thickness on each spot of the different helmet. That said, if you’d mount it on the left, it will be louder on the left side, and vice versa. As for the intercom feature, Domio is currently not supported.

Here in this forum I found a previous customer talk about how his experience with Domio and he is not very happy with the result. Go read it, it’s helpful!


In overall, do you really need this device? As there are many potential problems discussed above, I don’t think it’s a solid solution for a long-term use. The idea was first presented in a similar device called Rock It where to turn any object into a speaker, It is a fun device but not really a viable goal for getting anywhere. Same goes for Domio, I would rather recommend you to go for this one, a little pricey but real deal.