Earth – The AR Globe Of Our Planet

From time to time, just like you, I have questions about our mother earth, for example like what’s the fastest speed a cat can run, what are the total human population in Italy, etc. I’d end up Googling all the answers. So, here we have a special Earth globe made by a team called AstroReality. Unlike your regular globe, this meticulous desktop artwork is 3D printed with small details and hand painted to give you a realistic visual sensation.

And… adding a science vibe to your office too.

The protruding lands and mountain layerings are the parts that attracting the eyeballs, It’s as if you are holding a real miniature earth by hands. Other than that, the creator has included an AR feature to the globe where you can get so much information when your Einstein’s brain hit.

In the section below, we will discuss more about this globe, and ultimately, give you our opinion as to whether you should spend $200+ just to own this AR globe.

Review and Discussion – Is this AR Globe worth-a-buy?

Firstly, we loved the fact that it’s made in details and is going to be a very cool desktop decoration. But, it’s not for the $200 price of worth.

The part of the price goes to the AR feature brought to us by the team. And as to whether is this AR feature worth in a long-term run, we don’t think so. Very much everyone would Google almost everything in their mind nowadays, so the AR feature with all the occasional questions popping in your mind could be fun for a short while before you’re done with it.

Most of the time, we just need a short and accurate answer to our question, instead of a beautiful time-lapse presentation. It’s too much as a toy for kids, and too less as an encyclopedia for adults.

I think they are a lot of backers just like me who love how this globe to be used as a beautiful decoration, rather than the gimmicky AR system for learning. For that, I would suggest creator go for another version without the AR and make it cheaper.

Same goes for the previous Moon model that is currently selling on Amazon (here). The AR feature and the price are pretty much the deal-breaker. Other than that, it’d be very cool to see teachers using it in the classroom or even mom using it to teach their under-age son to better understand about the earth!

Bottom Line

In overall, is it worth it? Yes, it sure is. If you don’t mind spending a little more for this Earth globe, this is certainly for you. As many have suggested, it can be very useful to use in the education field where teachers can show an excellent presentation to students via the AR system. However, it will not for everyone as each of these cost you well over $200.

Alternatively, if you are just like me thinking it’s too pricey, there are quite a number of Globe + AR system out there. One of which is this one I found on Amazon by Oregon Scientific, and the best part? it’s so much cheaper!