EcoQube Sprout – The two-step home micro-veggie


EcoQube Sprout is another new project by Aqua Design Innovations. Similar to their previous project, they’re now growing micro-veggies in a much simpler 2-steps process this time around. In this article, we will discuss whether if you really should waste money on this system.

Previously, we have covered their self-cleaning Aquarium and the overall Kickstarter backer’s response are awesome. However, not all people are liking the product itself as much as the idea, many buyers are not very happy with the quality of this made-in-China and pointed out some huge problems.


The common problems come with it including the moldy condition, mess, attracting insect, weird smell and more. Making it not even close to a maintenance-free aquarium as in advertising.

In comparison to their previous project, this EcoQube Sprout appears to be much simpler. In fact, it is so simple that I can see some very similar product like this one is already on Amazon, where you can buy it like right now.

Then, what’s so special about this EcoQube Sprout then? Not much.


Review and Discussion — Is it worth it?

The claim of microgreens are 40x more nutritious than their mature vegetable counterpart is only half the story. Indeed, this study showed that a certain species of plant’s microgreens are found to have 4-40 times higher amount of some nutrients and vitamins. However, it’s greatly depending on the species of the plant as well as the growing condition. That said, this finding does not really represent the nutritional value of the sprout seed used in the EcoQube Sprout.

It’s the same as saying your friend’s Poodle is as muscular as your Boxer, which clearly isn’t. 

Many previous (and current) backers are complaining about the shipping issues with this company. Other than the very bad shipping delay, the shipping cost is way higher than it should be. For example, you will need to pay $9 for the shipping of an $18 pledge reward, even worse, the price isn’t finalized yet for international backers (depends on the order volume).

Other than waiting for the shipping, you need to know that growing a pod of microgreens are not rocket science where you can harvest in tomorrow. You will need to wait for more than 10 days just to enjoy a plate full of micro-veggies.

It’s more of a lifestyle than delicacy.

Therefore, you don’t actually need to buy it after watching their Kickstarter video. In fact, you can just start to make your own microgreens farm today. So I have my 2-step process for you as well. First, grab a bag of seed here and the done-for-you soil here via Amazon, then watch this step-by-step tutorial video and learn from the pros, you are good to kickstart your little indoor organic farm!


In a nutshell, is it worth it? No. Like mentioned above, you don’t need to pay $20, expensive shipping, and wait for years until it’s arrived in your doorstep where at that point all of your planting desires are already burned out.