Escape Reality With These Adventure Video Games


Often, a fast-paced shooter or even a hyperactive platformer may not interest you very much. You want things to slow down and migrate to a different world. 

The best thing for you to do in such circumstances is to reach for a tried-and-tested adventure game and let it take you completely to another world. 


The urge is understandable, which is why we list some absolutely superb adventure video games to play. Read on to learn about these games.

Escape Reality With These Adventure Video Games
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The Last of Us

This is the tale of Joel and Ellie, and their voyage through a barren America. It offers some of the most moving moments in gaming history, and it is certainly one of the grandest adventures there in the genre. 

This game is part scouring tale of humanity, part classic tragedy, and part terrifying survival test. Joel and Ellie are no less explorers than Naughty Dog’s other lauded heroes, like Nathan Drake, even though they are not in search of hidden treasure. 


However, they are searching for a life away from the infected who wander the unruly streets. The Last of Us is an extremely well-paced and organized piece of work. 

It has thrilling gameplay that often has you counting your bullets and making them count, and keeping hidden from those notorious “clickers” and roaming through the ruins of abandoned American states.

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

Sometimes, you need a gaming buddy whose imagination is snarky enough to keep you amused. Enter Geralt the Witcher, who brings with him one of the most broad-reaching and flexible adventures ever seen in The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt.

You unwittingly end up caught in a battle for power between empires and also solve several murder mysteries involving elves and werewolves in a large and harsh terrain in search of your adoptive daughter. 

Geralt of Rivia’s multiple quests are abundant and dramatic enough that once they pick up a controller and put on his Witcher’s medallion, no gamer would ask for anything else.

Red Dead Redemption 2

You can strap on the stirrups of fugitive Arthur Morgan and spend hour after hour wandering across the last days of the Western frontier with your old faithful horse and some very old friends in one of the most adventurous and expansive games in history.

You catch yourself playing with a younger version of the original, iconic Red Dead protagonist, John Marston, as a member of the legendary Dutch van der Linde gang, and you can travel freely through the great American countryside. 

As the period of the Wild West approaches its demise, you are confronted with either choosing the path of the nobleman or spending your days becoming as awful as an outlaw can be. The decision is yours as you lasso your way from one adventure to the next.

Telltale’s The Walking Dead (Series 1)

Escape Reality With These Adventure Video Games
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This variation on the comic book series – undoubtedly the gem in Telltale’s crown – is filled with emotional destruction, sensitivity, and almost impossible decisions to make, all while fighting off hordes of walkers. 

Don’t naively believe that it’s also not a dynamic and sometimes frightening slice of action only because The Walking Dead is firmly rooted in emotion.

Just as much as you will have to make tough and tactical choices, you will have to fend off the monsters clawing at your flesh. If you’re looking for a real diversion from reality, look at this moral test tucked away in an unpretentious zombie game you might otherwise ignore.


Make sure to consider the information in this article if you are interested in these adventure video games. Forget all that’s happening in the world. Get lost in the thrill and mystery of these great video games.