EverCam – The Revolutionary Wire-free Security Camera

EverCam is a smart security camera by Eufy Security. In this review article, we will discuss if this new security camera actually worth your money, or it’s just too good to be true.

[wpsm_quote author=”Plautus” float=”left” width=”34%”]Good merchandise, even hidden, soon finds buyers.[/wpsm_quote] In just little under two days, a new home surveillance camera called EverCam took the Kickstarter community by storm and have their project funded with more than 1000% of the original pledge ($50 000) they asked for.

That said, smart security camera is never a scarcity on Kickstarter.

Remind me of Guardzilla camera campaign in 2016, EverCam has a number of highly similar features resembling the Guardzilla’s cam. While Guardzilla did not get much love from the Kickstarter, the main competitor of EverCam actually goes to this popular security camera. So, is this EverCam a successful “spin” of the existing product? There are a few factors that we will need to take into consideration.

EverCam offering a handful of cool features at an affordable price plus an irresistible free shipping service for every single purchase.


The offer sounds reasonable, but really…?

We will see.

Review and Discussion — Should you buy this EverCam?

Video Clips

Certainly, EverCam offers a Full HD 1080p video resolution which is far better than many of its competitors. However, many did not notice that the EverCam is actually not a full 24/7 recording camera, instead, it will start recording only if the motion has been detected.

Also, each video clip has a maximum of 120s each, and therefore the storage is much lower without needing a mandatory monthly cloud subscription.

The lack of 24/7 surveillance can be a huge problem if you want to check the whole incident instead of short clips, and this is also the main purpose of a security camera. Therefore, it’s more sensible to get yourself a less gimmicky and cheaper alternative like this one I found on Amazon.


On the flip side, since it will filter out the “cold” object with its infrared sensor (below certain temperature threshold) instead of all moving object, some of the moving things such as someone in a vehicle, cold-blooded animal or dog cowering with thick hairs, will get bypass pretty easily depending on the sensitivity of the motion detection.

Wire-free and power plugged

On the other hand, when it comes to security cam, wire-free is not a thing but a hassle. With one exception is that the installation is much easier with the wire-free feature.

It is less likely that people would move the camera around from days to days, so the lacking of direct wire power option is a pain in the neck. Backers would rather hope that it is power/solar plugged system than wire-free, which is then a truly set and forget system.

Please also be noted the concrete walls, wires and height distances will reduce the wireless signal’s strength.

False Alarms

Perhaps, one of the biggest distinction of EverCam apart from its competitions is the face recognition and infrared sensor. The advantage is of course in reducing the false alarm notifications by detecting the desired object more accurately, this is one of the very common problems of many motion detection security cameras.

Since every little motion counts, it often results in tons of annoying false alarms.

For that, many companies have then set their devices to lesser sensitivity by default which is not really ideal if someone broke into your zone under the insensitive radar. For this, EverCam has done a better job with an only 0.6s response time and is then compensated by the 3-level filtering process — Infrared detection, human detection and facial recognition, which have then greatly reduced the false alarms problem.

Does it work without internet?

Some of you might be curious if this cam can work without the internet, it’s a yes.

Just like many of our dashcam, this device stores data into the internal SD card (up to 128GB) even if the internet connection is out. And certainly, some of the features such as the notification alarms will then be unavailable as well.

However, this storage system does not connect to the external hard drive. Also, since the video files in the SD card were encrypted, the files can only be downloaded via the Eufy server site.

Smart assistant integrations (i.e HomeKit, Google Home, IFTTT, Amazon Alexa and more.)

For smart home users, the lack of integration with the smart voice assistant has put this device back to 2010. It means that you can’t control it with your Homekit, Google Home or Amazon Alexa. While it may not seem like that much of a deal, but the integration of security cam into your smart home system is actually putting your home security and user experiences to the next level.

[wpsm_titlebox title=”UPDATE” style=”3″]
As for the stretch goal of $200k reached, the creators have (unofficially) confirmed that they will implement the smart assistant service, which including Alexa, G Assistant and IFTTT into the system.


Overall, is this security cam worth it? It’s a yes from us. Considering the features it brought to us, the price is slightly higher but still reasonable. However, this product is currently shipping to only certain countries (mainly the US and European’s), so you may need to patiently put up a wait until more countries added to the list.

Before you decide, there are actually quite a lot of similar security cams in the market. One good example is this cheaper alternative that seems pretty compelling to many.