Expeditioner Toiletry Bag

Expeditioner Toiletry Bag is an organized and versatile new bag for all of your toiletries. In this review, we will discuss whether is this bag worth a buy.

When we’re out for traveling, toiletry bag is one of the easily forgotten bags. Many of us use ziplock or a simple transparent bag to carry your shampoo, razor, nail clipper, lotion, toothbrush, or even some of the cosmetics in one. Beside of hygienic issue, that space and compartments are just too small for all those things which ended up clumping together, unless you want to use an awkwardly huge catchall bag.

So, here is a new toiletry bag called Expeditioner, by Gravel. The bag has a well thought out design with a number of compartments and pockets just enough for all of your toilet necessity.

In the section below, we will filter out the marketing words and unveil the untold from the other perspectives.

Review and Discussion — Is this toiletry bag worth it?

If you already owned their first version “The Explorer”, it’s not advised to spend another $50 for this upgraded version. The Expeditioner Toiletry Bag is basically a larger version so that to fit your larger electric toothbrush and other taller stuff. Also, they have included a hook for the newer version.

After using your toiletries, you probably have to tap/hang it dry or wipe it with a rag, as we knew the disgusting gunk settling inside the bag can be a little awkward when it gets into the nooks and crannies, such as the leftover from the shampoo, toothpaste, or even the dripping wet toothbrush. And since this bag is waterproof, you can hand wash the entire bag pretty easily.

In terms of the price, The Expeditioner costs you about $60 (excluding the taxes and duty of shipping) which is considerable pricy in compared to the cheaper toiletry bag like this one on Amazon with 17 compartments and thoughtful dividers. It’s rated 4.8 out of 5 stars with almost 300 reviews from the happy buyers. It’s definitely a much cheaper (and better?) alternative.

For color, the bag is only available in one color and style option.

Overall, is this toiletry bag worth buying? Yes, if you don’t mind spending a bit more for this bag. In fact, there are plenty of cheaper toiletry bags on the market that are well compartmented, such as the one I link to above. On the other hand, this campaign is pretty solid with the creators are wholeheartedly committed and dedicated to the project, the response is also fast and on-point. The previous buyers are generally satisfied with the quality of the version 1.0.