FITT360 – The 360˚ Neckband Camera

FITT360 is a neckband camera that helps you to capture 360˚ panorama photo/video hands-free in all direction. Below review will discuss whether is this camera worth a buy.

Facebook, as the largest social media platform, knew the trends and social signals better than anyone else. To make you stay longer on Facebook, it has to do something to capture your attention. Back then, a seemingly reckless decision to acquire a newly emerged photo-sharing app with an astonishing $1 Billion may seem crazy enough, but no one knows that the app is now worth 35x more and you’ll never misspell the name — Instagram.

Our younger generations love Instagram. They capture everything within the reach of their smartphone, from the hourly story posting to a closer-up dinner shot, nothing escape. With the getting advanced and better resolution smartphone camera, there is a Korea startup named Linkflow debut on CES 2018 with their flagship unique neckband camera.

Similar to this low-end wearable camera project on Kickstarter we reviewed a while ago, FITT360 is on a whole new level.


FITT360 is a futuristic neckband camera. It features the first-person-view perspective and is a standalone device, meaning you don’t have to connect to your smartphone for it to work. Also, It comes with a max 128 GB microSD card for up to 9 hours of continuous video recording.


FITT360 has a slim and elegant design and comes with 3 Full HD 4k camera with 180˚ field of vision each. Without any post-editing, the device automatically stitches 3 videos into 1 full-angle panorama video. It allows users to snap/record/live-stream your best moment hands-free while doing various outdoor activities, such as parachuting, snowboarding, and hiking. For extreme sport, FITT360 comes with an inner-piece to prevent any hindrance or falling.

Designed for outdoor fun, FITT360 is made out of durable PC/ABS with IPX6 water resistant to protect the device from water damage, such as rain and water splash.

Made with travelers in mind, it has a built-in GPS system for life-logging whereby user’s current location can be tracked and mapped accurately. With that, you can share your progress via a street view when out for any adventure. Also, it keeps your family and friends updated, or even live-streaming the 360-video as if they were all by your side to catch anything that you had overlooked.

The cool part is FITT360 also doubles as a Bluetooth headphone allowing you to seamlessly pair with your phone and listen to your favorite music anytime, anywhere.

Review and Discussion

One biggest shortcoming of using FITT360 is the potential of either camera gets blocked by your shirt collars, hair, headset, or other neck accessories without your notice. It ends up producing an awkward panorama video which is a definite pain in the neck. Remind me of a similar Kickstarter wearable camera that I came across last week called Caply, which has a terrible 2k resolution, FITT360 is comparatively having a better 4K camera but it has a much shorter battery life.

To compromise the ergonomic slim battery design, FITT360 uses a 2400 mAh lithium-ion battery to support 3x full HD cameras. The result, you guessed it — a low battery life that lasts for only 1.5 hr of video recording. What’s worse, that was all in an ideal condition without considered using camera functions and smartphone connectivity that drains the battery even faster.

On the other hand, despite advertised as stitched 4K Full HD resolution, many have complained about the blurry demo video. For this, the creators have explained that the demo video was not the final version and they will keep improving the video stitching and auto-exposure technologies, which apparently upsetting many backers.

For the price, FITT360 camera is now funding on Kickstarter for $370 (Early Bird).

Certainly, a gimmicky tech device never comes cheap. For a similar price, you can get a GoPro Hero6 on Amazon that comes with a lot more features plus a higher spec. What’s more, GoPro Hero6 is 33-ft waterproof which means you can even dive with it to capture any beautiful underwater footage. In contrast, FITT360 is only having an IPX6 water resistant but not a waterproof system. IPX6 means the device is dust-tight and able to resist wet from raining, hand-washing, nozzle sprays, etc. It is not advised to submerge into water. With that being said, there is one image (on the FITT360 campaign page) showing the FITT360 being thrown into the water with splashes, is a little misleading and may confuse the backers.

Overall, FITT360 definitely has the appearance advantages over the bulkier and awkward helmet-mounted GoPro. Also, it features the 360˚ first-person viewing angle is certainly a big plus to many vloggers.

If you love being techy and wouldn’t mind spending a little bit more on the technology, this is for you. The shipping is free, click here to learn more.