Flo App For Tracking Menstrual Cycles – How To Download

Why is your health so important? Other than the saying that goes, “health is wealth,” staying healthy makes you confident in all other aspects of your meaningful life. 


An essential part of healthy living is a healthy menstrual cycle. And of course, with improving technology, they would be ways to maintain a healthy menstrual cycle. 

The Flo app is of particular interest as it has lots of great features that make it stand out from the rest. This article details the Flo app, how to download and use it.

  • About The Flo App
  • How To Download The App
  • Pregnancy And Post-Pregnancy Modes In The Flo App
  • Daily Health Insight On The Flo App
  • How To Use The Flo App To Track Menstrual Cycles And Get Pregnant
Flo App For Tracking Menstrual Cycles - How To Download
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About The Flo App

Flo app is a feminine health app that monitors the menstrual cycle and women’s health. It tracks menstrual cycles and provides insights on pregnancy, menopause, and next cycle detection; these are only a few of the Flo app’s important features.

Flo App For Tracking Menstrual Cycles - How To Download
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The company, Flo, was developed in 2015 by co-founders Dmitry and Yuri Gurski. It has since grown through continuous development, gaining wide recognition with millions of downloads worldwide. The app has over 50 million installs on the Google Play Store alone and boasts of 38 million monthly active users from women worldwide.

It uses detailed artificial intelligence technology to predict cycles. To incorporate that huge feat, it included real-life experts that give more precise results and content. 

The Flo app has been a one-stop health choice for women and is recommended by millions of women and many health professionals alike. 


Why Is It Important To Track Your Menstrual Cycles?

Simply put, a regularly occurring monthly period is a sign of a healthy reproductive system. This is part of the confidence mentioned earlier in this article. The freedom to stand firm, feel strong and confident about your health. The reproductive system is also in charge of producing several hormones affecting other reactions in our body, not limited to reproduction.

Not to get all scientific, but an example is the estrogen hormone. Playing several roles in female reproductivity and being the major female hormone also affects other parts of the body like the brain, the skin, the muscles, and the hair. 

That said, tracking our menstrual cycles is essential and best done regularly as it also helps you plan. It also has other benefits like being a form of birth control and a signal for illnesses and diseases. A notable one is Premenstrual Dysphoric Disorder (PMDD), which is associated with intense mood swings and even suicidal thoughts.

How To Download The App

The Flo app is available on the common two digital stores, the Google Play Store and the App Store. To download, simply go to either of these stores as they relate to the type of device you use. That means for the Android devices, you go to the Google Play Store, and for iOS users, go to the App store.

Flo App For Tracking Menstrual Cycles - How To Download
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At either store, you search for the “Flo” app in the search pane area at the top or use the direct links for both provided above. That would bring up a list of results. Select or click on the first option to be redirected to the installation page.

Click on the “Install” button, and then a page would pop up where you see the app’s required permissions. The requirements or permissions include access to an internet connection, running at startup, and other basic features to ensure it functions properly on your device. 

Accept the permissions, and complete the installation to use the app on the device. That is it; you are now one step closer to being the healthy, strong woman that you are.

Features Of The Flo App

What are the features of the Flo app? What makes it special, and what makes it gain all the trust from millions of users from around the world. Let us discuss some of these features already known and some which you may not be familiar with. Period Tracker and Ovulation Calendar: The Flo app makes it possible for you to track your cycle, check your fertility window, and know your period days. 

It gives near accurate results, if not accurate results of this information. The app is powered by Artificial Intelligence and backed up by lots of professionals in the field giving precise content. It keeps you informed of your menstruation’s start and end date, as shown in an ovulation calendar. 

With this calculator, you can monitor your flow intensity, fertile days and get predictions for upcoming periods. You can also track your average temperature and log in your ovulation results, whether positive or negative. You log in features and symptoms and get more precise results by doing so. These are among the several perks in the app.

Pregnancy And Post-Pregnancy Modes In The Flo App

This is a peculiar feature the Flo app has. The fact that you can monitor your pregnancy, identify your body changes and understand the patterns, and follow your baby growth as you count the number of days and follow up on your baby’s development. It is truly a remarkable feature. 

Flo App For Tracking Menstrual Cycles - How To Download
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You can plan your pregnancy, accurately track the week of childbirth, track your mood and understand them as you get closer to childbirth. You also get interesting articles about pregnancy on a daily basis.

Lifestyle And Health Assistant 

Having this feature is important because women are not pregnant or ovulating all the time. What happens when they are not using the core features of the app? Does the app then become temporarily useless? No, it does not!

Flo included this feature for women to remain healthy all around. Inputting data such as your weight, water consumption, and other physical daily activity such as exercise allows the application to track and provide you information about your overall health. 

By improving your health, you can eliminate some of your doctor’s visits. But you don’t have to stay too far away from doctors; the app has access to professionals and doctors who help promote the health benefits and share valuable tips. This way, you monitor your health regularly and stay healthy.

Daily Health Insight On The Flo App

With data from the previous feature, you get professional tips on what to do and when to do them. You get feedback like you have to sleep more and exercise regularly to keep fit.

Flo App For Tracking Menstrual Cycles - How To Download
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You get reminders to log in data, such as your ovulation days, weight, hours of sleep daily, the volume of water taken, among others. You also get reminders for medication and contraceptives if you use them.

You can check your history from previous data and analyze it to study yourself, as the app makes it easy to analyze your data. By tracking your sleep duration and amount of water taken daily, for example, you can make sure that you stay healthy. 

The Flo app allows you to input information, analyze the information, and ensure that you stay on track with your health. 

Secret Chats On The Flo App

The last and quite interesting feature to be mentioned in this article is the chat feature. Chatting is always fun. With this feature, you get to meet and connect with millions of women from all over the world.

You can ask questions, respond to questions and get answers from real people. The love it brings and the feeling that people care and are willing to help are incredible. Having a safe space to share emotions and changes in your body is a good thing.

Questions can also be answered by professionals who tackle these questions head-on and give medical advice. You get to learn from over 80 leading experts in the field.

How To Use The Flo App To Track Menstrual Cycles And Get Pregnant

It all depends on the accuracy of the data you provide to the app. It is like a give-and-take factor. The amount of information you give affects the details of the information you receive. The app is not a weird voodoo master that would automatically provide accurate information on millions of women’s menstrual cycles. 

Flo App For Tracking Menstrual Cycles - How To Download
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Logging your menstrual date gives a prediction of when the next menstrual cycle will commence. The first might not be precisely accurate, but with a few more logs, the Flo app would be able to accurately predict a healthy menstrual cycle for you.

This is where the use of the calendar comes in. The calendar importance has already been listed, as you can use it to find your fertility window. Knowing your ovulation date gives you knowledge of when it is best to get pregnant. To supplement that, with the chat feature, you get to ask questions from experts, and they respond on what best step to take to get pregnant.

The Flo App Subscription 

The Flo app comes in both the free version and the Premium version. There are in-app purchases that range from $2.99 – $99.99 per item. An example of in-app items is the Pregnancy Assistant, which is $49.99 per year.

The free version comes with most of the features already. The chat feature is also included in the free version. As for premium users, a fee of $10 per year would be paid, so that is not too much either, right?


Living a healthy life involves monitoring how well you live. The Flo app helps women achieve a healthy lifestyle and helps at important times such as pregnancy and menstrual periods.