FOCX™ Redefined Wallet – The Perfect Slim Wallet

FOCX™ Redefined Wallet is a new series of slim wallet to fit everyone special needs. In this review, we will discuss whether is these new wallets actually worth a buy.

The main idea behind the slim wallet is to make you look good anytime by getting rid of all the unnecessary bulk. No one likes to carry a 90s style bifold wallet in this modern era, it put you way out of style. Earlier this year, we came across a sleek slim wallet called Micro Wallet which claimed to be the slimmest wallet ever — in the thickness of your credit card. As for whether is that wallet so good, we have explicitly discussed our opinion in this review here.

Back to FOCX™ wallet, it’s a stylish wallet handmade in Germany. FOCX™ had their first successful Kickstarter campaign launched in October last year (2017), and they are now back up with a new series. Except for some minor issues, very few of the backers who received the wallet 1.0 had any quality issue reported, and the creator is responding fast to the questions.

Nonetheless, slim wallet is never a scarcity on Kickstarter. So in this article, we will discuss if you should spend money on it.

Review and Discussion — Should you buy this FOCX™ wallet?

Certainly, it’s not the slimmest slim wallet but the well thought out compartmented design is the main selling point. Another cool feature has included is the optional tracking ability (Chipolo) for an additional $25. It is, to me, serves more of a hassle than good. Below is the reason.

You will need to renew the tracker every year when the battery juice is out (reminded via the app). Plus, the tracker has a small size (1.45″ x 2.67″) but with a thickness (0.08 in) slightly thinker than a credit card, which will give you additional protruding ugly bulk to the wallet. That said, you can still put up to 8 cards to all three wallets. On the other hand, the wallet tracking requires 24/7 connectivity via Bluetooth to your mobile phone. In cases where your phone is out of Bluetooth range, the app will only display the last connected location. If anything goes wrong, the last way is to mark your wallet as lost (via the Chipolo tracking app) so that to depend on the user network who occasionally cover the area. It also means that the ability to get back your lost wallet is greatly depending on the size of the Chipolo’s user network. Learn more via the Chipolo website here.

The main differences between all three wallets are not that much. The R01 Minimalist is the default. For R02 the Accountant, it allows you to keep some coins (4 to 7 coins). And for the R03 the Purist, it allows you to put more cash. Apparently, people are more concern about keeping their coins in the wallet. That said, before you go for the R02 Accountant, the R03 purist actually has a third compartment where you can slip in some coins (lesser than 4 coins) and cash as well.

For bills, the R03 Purist can keep up to 8 bills whereas the other two can hold up to 5 bills.

In overall, are these wallets worth it? It’s a yes from us considering not much complaints about its quality. While we don’t recommend you to include the Chipolo tracker, the wallet itself is slightly higher price than the common slim wallet like this one but it’s still in the fair range.