FOREO UFO: The Advanced 90-second Facial Treatment Device

FOREO UFO is a new facial treatment device that calls facemask an obsolete. In the review section below, you will learn everything you need to know before spending money on it.

Recently, there is a new beauty product called FOREO UFO is making a big buzz in the Kickstarter community. Asking for a $20k goal, they are now funded with $1.4m in just 17 days. The team behind this project is no others but the team who created the FOREO Luna™, a skin exfoliator device.

Sounds magical, but how does it really work?


FOREO UFO is a new facial treatment device to make your skin better in just 90 seconds. FOREO UFO features a series of hyper-fusion therapy (heating, cooling and vibrating) with the combining of red-blue-green LEDs light therapy to make your skin appears smoother, softer and more radiant. To make this a portable tool, it is made in palm size and is USB rechargeable, so you can use this device anytime, anywhere you go.

The device offers a quick and convenient way without having to peel, wait for 20 min or clean up the mess later. Also, it allows users to glide the device through any nooks and crannies with ease, such as the corner of your nose. Furthermore, this device is mobile app integrated. With the app, you can customize the intensity and duration of each treatment. Once you have received the mask, scan the package with your mobile app (can be downloaded from Google Play and Apple App Store for free) and select desire treatment, you are all set!


That said, is this a hero or zero?

Review and Discussion – Is this product worth your money?

The first thing in mind when came across these new techy devices is whether does it really work. Despite being featured by many big sites such as CNET and Daily Mail, like most new gadgets, very few are really practical to use for long. Nonetheless, we are the one who is going to spend money at the end of the day, so let’s start with the company.

FOREO LUNA — The previous product

FOREO is a Sweden company founded in 2013. Their flagship product, the FOREO LUNA is well-received by many big names across the community. However, despite buzzed with many good reviews, the overall response from customers was not as good as it should be. Primarily, the price is too high for a cleansing brush in compared to what it does — T-Sonic pulsations. It basically means vibrating at a different speed. The overly exaggerated marketing jargons in the description and the expensive price tag simply do not tally with the functionality. One thing to take note is that the majority of the recent reviews were mostly done by the customers with “Vine Customer Review of Free Product”, you can learn more about the Amazon Vine program here.

It basically means Amazon receives free products from the sellers, and then it will pass the item (for free) to the selected reviewers in exchange for a review of the product. In other words, the company is giving off free product for the reviews on Amazon, indirectly. Even though Amazon invites only the trusted reviewers, still, the reviewers did not spend a single cent. Therefore, they felt nothing hateful even the item end up in the trash can.

Here is one review video by a product user that I find appealing. From what she said, a small and cheap scrub like this will most probably do the better job.

FOREO UFO — another flop product?

So, what about the new product?

To bring down the answer, we first need to know how it really works. The device does 4 main basic functions here — heating, cooling, vibrating and LEDs lighting. Each treatment will have a different combination and also at a different level of intensity, order, and duration. The first three is quite common, but the green-blue-red LEDs lighting is the main selling point.

So, are the different wavelength of lights really does what FOREO claimed? Yes, in all honesty, it does. A research paper published in 2014 has reported that having a significantly improved skin complexion and collagen intensity. However, the volunteers were all treated twice a week with 15 – 25 min each for 30 sessions in the experiment.

FOREO, on the other hand, is only treated 90 seconds max with no clinical test to back the claim.

On one hand, high energy light (near 400 nm ~ UV) is cancer-causing. Although the lowest wavelength FOREO used is the blue (464 nm) which is still considered safe to use, but we humans are slightly different to each other in terms of body type and composition, so It is hard to tell what would happen to your body if over-exposed. Just like a double-edged sword, it may help or hurt you. From a customer point of view, FOREO should have provided a safety guideline, assurance declaration, and full testing result anywhere on their Kickstarter campaign page to help users better understand their product, even if they were outsourcing the manufacturing to the other company.

For the price, FOREO UFO does not come cheap. The device is now funding on Kickstarter starts at $149 (early bird), while the second version called FOREO UFO Mini starts at $89 (early bird). The Mini has the same size (so, it’s not mini at all) and all the functionality of the main, except the cooling feature or “cryo-therapy”.

The FOREO UFO comes with 2-year warranty. Overall, it’s a gimmicky beauty device that has little use and does not come cheap.