Go Chair – The portable chair in 5 seconds

The Go Chair is a portable chair that folds up to the size of a water bottle. In the section below, we will discuss if this new chair really worth-a-buy.

It’s designed to fold and unfold easily. They say you can even fold or unfold it with one hand. It’s also very lightweight, weighing in at only 3 lbs. It seems to be as portable as they market it to be, and I have to hand it to them, it’s an excellent idea.

And, on IndieGoGo, it’s around $79 for one right now. They’re expecting to sell them for $129 a piece retail after their Indiegogo campaign ends. For sure, it’s kind of pricey as compared to other cheaper portable chairs, which in fact, I can buy like 5 of them.

Review and Discussion – But, is it worth buying? 

If you’re considering buying it for outdoor or camping use, you need to know that it doesn’t sit very high off the ground. It’s only 10 inches from the ground, which isn’t much. You may have some problems getting in and out of it if you have mobility issues because of that. It’s also not going to be very elevated in the event that the ground gets wet. 

Also, they make some puzzling claims about its durability. They state that it’s “weather, water and kids proof”. It’s easy to understand how it could be weather and waterproof. When asked about durability in regards to kids, they say that new canopies will be available for purchase.

So, that definitely means that they don’t expect it to be so durable that a kid could never damage it. 

If you’re thinking of using it as an outdoor chair for camping or something similar, there are a couple of features that it isn’t equipped with that you should know. There isn’t a cupholder of any kind on it. They say they’re working on developing one. But, until they do, you should probably consider taking a small portable table with you. Another problem is that it can sink into the ground on soft surfaces, like sand or gravel. Again, they say that they’re developing a clip to go on the feet to remedy this. But, for right now, if the ground is soft, you’re going to have some problems. 

The next issues are in regard to shipping, and it’s unnecessarily complicated.

If you purchase more than one chair, you’ll have to pay to ship for each individual chair. Shipping is rather expensive, too, at $15 per chair on domestic orders and $29 per chair on international orders. They did try to help with this and offer a consolidated shipping fee on 4, 6, and 8-packs. However, they only offer the discounted shipping on international orders, and it’s only for the 4, 6, and 8-packs. 

As part of their Stretch Goals, they now offer a carrying back for the 4, 6, and 8-packs. But, people who purchased the 2-packs don’t get one, which seems like they’re kind of getting snubbed.

Plus, although it sounds like a good idea with multiple chairs, it’s virtually useless if you get an 8-pack. The bag will only hold 6 chairs. 

One of the biggest complaints that backers are having with the company right now is the fact that they’re changing prices and not alerting them. They don’t even get an email update about it. This is particularly annoying to early backers. There are new packages and lower prices. The 6-pack used to be $404, and was then dropped to $364, much to the dismay of early customers. Their response to customers has simply been “we’re looking into this” when asked if they would give early backers this price so that they get some of their money back. 

This had upset many backers.

Recently, they posted that they’re excited to start manufacturing the chairs and shipping them out, getting backers excited to receive their chairs ahead of schedule. But, if you were hoping to get your chair and use it this year, you’re out of luck. Even though they’re going to start manufacturing them soon, they still won’t start shipping until December. So, backers will likely get their chairs some time between December and February.

This means that they won’t be able to use them until next Spring. 

Final Words

So, is it worth it to back the Go Chair? I would wait until they get their website up and running and purchase it from there, personally. The only appeal of the IGG campaign is the discounted price, rather than paying $129 per chair.

Plus, the shipping being complicated and expensive is a major drawback. With all of the miscommunication and price changes, it’s probably worth it just to wait until they get their business sorted.