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GoCube – The Rubik’s Cube for Beginners

Let’s admit it, Rubik’s Cube is fun.

It’s a game suitable for all ages, and it improves our memory, problem-solving skills, logical thinking and sharpening our brain’s function. As I myself am a beginner cuber, I’m certainly not one of the 5.8% of the world population who can solve a Rubik’s Cube, even with the formula with me. That said, I always amazed by how fast a cuber solves one.

Here I stumbled across a cool project on Kickstarter called GoCube. With that much of information around the web, do we really need this GoCube to learn how to cubing? Below in this review, we will go through the detail and give you an idea of whether is this new Rubik’s Cube really worth a buy.

GoCube is a one-of-a-kind Rubik’s Cube that introduces a new way to cubing. It’s highly suitable for beginners to learn from ground zero, via a step by step interactive in-app tutorial. GoCube features a live battle where you can play with people online. Also, the app comes with stats tracking and mini-games guiding you to improve your skill over time.

Review and Discussion — Is GoCube worth a buy?

You might be wondering of how smart these guys are to think of the idea of bringing Rubik’s Cube into the virtual world. Sadly, they are not the first one implementing the idea. Earlier this year, under the flag of XiaoMi, a similar product by Giiker was announced. Although we can instantly spot on some major differences between the two, still, the core ideas remained the same.

Back to GoCube. Thanks to the 3D tracking with IMU, the system is able to take Rubik’s Cube learning to the over-the-shoulder level whereby users are able to watch and learn via the step-by-step interactive 3D app. While that might be great for beginners, it serves little to no purpose for the intermediate and advanced level of players. That said, players with higher skill levels will still be able to learn to solve with the more efficient algorithm of methods, such as the F2L, CFOP, and Roux.

If there is anything bad about this cube, the first one would be the requirement for battery charging. Although it’s claimed that the battery can last anywhere from 3-hr up to 30-hr, you’d still need to charge it again and again. So what if you stop charging, does it still work like any regular cube? Fortunately, yes it is.

Also for the charging, I love the idea of the team included an aesthetic glass-looking transparent charging stand. The stand doubles as a phone stand for cubing, where you can place your phone on it while playing with the cube.

On the campaign page, the demo video shows two GoCubes battle using different devices. However, there is a clear delay of the on-screen 3D cube when flipping the real GoCube. For that, it’s stated that there will be a 0.25 sec delay for GoCube, but not on GoCube Edge where the tracking accuracy is 0.001 sec, so it’s almost in an instant. That said, there is no demo video to prove the claims. Until a response is given, I’d advise the creator to record a similar demo video with GoCube Edge.

Many have also questioned about the how “speed cube” is GoCube. While it’s actually uncomparable to the top-end cube like this one where you can customize the tension and spring, the GoCube system works like any other regular cube which doesn’t allow you play with the internal. However, it sure is not worse than the speed cube you will get for like lesser than $10 on Amazon.

For those who are skeptical about the company background:

Lastly, please also be noted that the delivery of GoCube will be estimated on March 2019, and it’s really long until then. And yes, the creator did not officially explain about the long course.


In overall, do you really need this cube? yes and no. Yes if you are on a somewhat novice level, it would be very helpful. Still, as there are plenty of free tutorials and formula you can get on the web, there is no need for you to grab this $59 (excluding shipping and customs) item just to learn how to cube. On the other hand, this system is pretty good in the sense that it allows you to play with others online, instead of alone, where people may get bored in seconds. And no if you are on the higher level, this system can’t help you much to improve your skill, but the battle system may grab your attention.

Before we end this, aren’t you getting bored with the same old look of your cube? here is a mesmerizing Rubik’s Cube I found on Amazon!

If you would like to support GoCube, feel free to grab one via the link below to Kickstarter.

GoCube - The Classic Puzzle Reinvent
GoCube - The Classic Puzzle Reinvent
This campaign is now funding on Kickstarter and will end by Thu, August 9 2018.
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This cube opens a new door to the online cubing.

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