Google Meet: An App to Improve the Work Experience

In this day and age where we rely heavily on technology, meetings and conferences can happen virtually with the help of the internet. This is especially important now that things are a bit peculiar and we are all stuck working at home.

Thankfully, Google has once again provided us with a more convenient way of communicating with our loved ones by giving us Google Meet. Google Meet is a revamped version of Google Hangouts Meet but there is a lot more to it than just a simple video meeting.


 Businesses, schools, and companies can take advantage of this app and ensure that you are always in touch with your friends, family, employees, and co-workers all the time. Find out more about what is Google Meet, how it works in this article.

Google Meet: An App to Improve the Work Experience
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What Is Google Meet?

Google Meet is Google’s answer to the ever-growing list of competition when it comes to the video conferencing market. The pandemic has elevated the competition and Google Meet has risen to the occasion. 

Google Meet: An App to Improve the Work Experience
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Google Meet is offered as part of the Google Workspace and is free to use for Google users.


Google Meet is vastly superior to the other video conferencing software found on Google. While Hangouts is only able to support video calls of up to 25 people, Meet has more to offer than that. 

With the recent rise of many video conferencing app, Google has stepped up to the plate when it comes to providing us with substantial features of its app.


The development of Google Meet for teams, individuals, and even organizations has paved a new way for us to communicate better especially these times. The launch of Google Meet offers some of the best features that you cannot find in most other conference apps.

More People

Google Meet can accommodate up to 250 participants if you’d like. This means that you can finally get in touch with as many people as possible. 


For organizations that need to have streamlined processes and updates, having everyone on Google Meet, and being able to accommodate such a large group of people is an advantage. 

Better Resolution

Sometimes, our internet connection does not want to cooperate and we get choppy video calls. Google Meet allows you to change the resolution of your video from the default 720p to 360p so you can have a smooth experience when it comes to your calls. 

This also helps you save the battery of your laptop or your mobile device, especially during longer calls.

File and Screen Sharing

Share your presentations through the screen sharing feature of Google Meet. Allow everyone to see your documents and collaborate on them using this feature. 

You can even share the files, links, and messages to other participants within the meeting through the chat feature.

Google Meet: An App to Improve the Work Experience
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Google Meet also features different types of layout so you can fully adjust the way you present your documents to your participants. Those with a large audience can modify the setup and present their content all at the same time.

Raise Hand

It is especially difficult to get a chance to talk and be heard when you are on a conference call with a lot of people. Google Meet has designed a feature that will allow an individual the chance to talk and be heard through the feature called Raise Hand. 

This will help provide a more streamlined conversation and have it run smoothly especially when someone has a question or something else to say.

Q&A and Polling

We all know that in most meetings, there will be pending questions left unanswered. Google Meet gives us a chance to answer those inquiries and other concerns through a Q&A channel where the audience can ask questions without interrupting the current conversation. 

Google Meet: An App to Improve the Work Experience
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These questions are then voted on by the audience and you will be notified of the question if it reaches the highest votes.

The same goes for any other concerns or issues within the meeting where everyone has their ideas. Google Meet provides Polling features so all of you can participate in voting and get a better consensus when it comes to major decisions.

Breakout Rooms

Meetings and group discussions can often lead to smaller meetings. There is no better way to let your audience break up into smaller meetings or groups for more specific discussions and then get back to the main meeting afterward by using Google Meet. 

This feature ensures that you will always have everyone within a group and have better organization and flow throughout the entire meeting. These small groups are a chance for people to get their voices heard.


Sometimes, the dull monotonous backgrounds can be droll in long meetings. Make sure to liven up your conversation by applying some colorful backgrounds and make sure that you have fun with your meetings. 

Google Meet: An App to Improve the Work Experience
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Backgrounds also help hide unwanted images from your surroundings especially if you live inside a busy household.


Google Meet will now provide you with reports alongside different data that will help you track all the major activities within the meeting. See who starts the meeting, who came in late, and who were the participants in just a click of a button.

How to Download

Google Meet is free to download via the Google Play Store or Apple App Store for your phone and other mobile devices. Simply go to Google Play Store, search for Google Meet, and tap Install.

Google Meet: An App to Improve the Work Experience
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After the download, you can log in using your Google account and begin joining, hosting, and sharing meetings with your friends.

If you are on your personal computer, launch your browser and log in to your Google Account. Check out Google Meet by clicking the menu at the top right corner of the browser to launch the software. No downloads are required to use the program.

How to Sign Up

Google Meet is free to use for everyone. If you have a personal Google Account, simply login to your account and click on Google Meet at the Google Suite found at the top right corner of your screen.

Google Meet: An App to Improve the Work Experience
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For business owners, you can register a Google Workspace account and launch the app. If you already have a Workspace account, go ahead and sign in to your Google account to use Google Meet.

How to Start a Meeting

To start a meeting, launch the app and log in to your Google account. Tap on New Meeting to start a new conference call. You may then send a code or link to all the people you want to invite into your call.

Google Meet: An App to Improve the Work Experience
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Once they receive the code, the participants can copy and paste the code to access the meeting or tap on the link to automatically join. 

Benefits of Using Google Meet

Video meetings are becoming the norm in today’s society. It is very convenient and effective when it comes to gathering and providing information to a group of people.

Google Meet: An App to Improve the Work Experience
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However, there are far more benefits in using Google Meet especially for those who are running businesses.

Meetings Are Secured

By using Google Meet, you ensure your company that your meeting is very secure. The app uses encryption so all audio and video streams are highly protected. They are only shared by you and your audience and no one else can join.

Google’s account protection services will help identify any anonymous user from entering your meeting. Those who want to have a more secure way to the video conference call should try out Google Meet.

Easy Navigation and Intuitive Interface

One of the best advantages of using Google Meet is that it is very easy to understand. The controls are readily available at the homepage and you can start your meeting at the click or tap of a button. 

You can even share your stream with hundreds of viewers if you like. Recording a meeting is also easy and you can always have a copy of your meeting to check back on. Those who were not able to come to the meeting can check out the recording later on.

Multiple Devices

Even if you are not on your computer or laptop, you can still enjoy using Google Meet as it has cross-platform features that will allow you to use the features on your mobile device. 

Google Meet: An App to Improve the Work Experience
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You may be using your phone to broadcast your stream while your audience is watching it on their computer or vice versa.

No Plug-ins Required

One of the biggest benefits of using Google Meet is that it does not use any plug-ins or require you to download additional assets for the program or app to work.

 If you are on your computer, simply login to your Google account and launch it immediately. Those with mobile devices can tap the app and launch it to start using and broadcasting. 


Finally, making video conference calls is much easier with the use of Google Meet. Fast, easy, convenient, and readily available, everything that you need for your daily meetings can now be done while also staying safe within the comforts of your own home.