GoSun Fusion – The solar hybrid electric oven


GoSun Fusion is the new solar hybrid oven campaign that has been funded on Kickstarter (now on Indiegogo). In this article, we will bring you through the must-know detail of this new project, and ultimately, you will learn whether is this oven really worth-a-buy.

For those who are not familiar with GoSun, below is a little background check for this company.


GoSun had been known for making solar cooker/oven for years. They have gained quite a reputation in the solar cooker/oven market where their product is higher in price. I have previously encountered and written some of the solar cookers from GoSun as well, in overall, it’s a mix of good and bad reviews. However, due to the rising number of competitors with so much cheaper options, they’re slowly losing the market.

Anyway, they are now re-entering their fourth Kickstarter games for their latest solar-electric hybrid oven called GoSun Fusion.

Unlike their previous solar cooker where the sunlight is the only source heating up the food, they have now integrated the electrical heating element in its system. With that, it should compromise the main downside of their previous solar cookers where the cooking is slow, inefficiency and perform poorly under the shaded light (cloudy/rainy days).


In this model, GoSun Fusion features the dual heating and recharge methods, from either harvesting the energy directly from the sunlight or via the electric power sources. You can also use both methods at the same time to hasten the process, the electric heater will shut-off automatically once reaching a certain temperature.

Before you decide, we have something to tell you.

Review and discussion – Is it really worth it?

Firstly, the idea of the solar-electric hybrid oven is neither new nor revolutionary.

In fact, there are similar ovens have already been on the market for a long while.

If you haven’t been using GoSun product before, you need to know that solar cooker is not like your regular electric oven, as it is very much weather dependence. Depending on what you’re cooking, from veggies to raw meat, it can take a few tens of minutes to even hours. Raw meat, in particular, is much longer to cook. Depending on the sunlight intensity, it will also need some time to heat the tube up a little before cooking.

So, it’s safe to assume that the GoSun Fusion would take you AT LEAST one hour for a standard meal, optimistically.

Be patient…

I know what you would say — that’s when the electric power comes in right? wrong.

The power bank is 45,000 mAh with 15V output and 15amp. It’s not like your regular power bank for mobile devices, in fact, this big capacity allows to fully recharge your iPhone X 16 times. However, the power bank only lasts for one round of meal serving. As the creator put it, it  “a little over an hour” of cooking.

Also, what’s worst is that it takes 8 hours of FULL SUN (using the solar panels) to recharge the power bank afterward. So, it would probably take a couple of days ideally. Other than using it as an emergency source, I think it is a little impractical to use for long. Most of our would rather stick to the power plug option if electricity is available. You can’t plug the solar panel directly into the oven.

For the size, GoSun Fusion isn’t small nor convenient enough to carry around. Apparently, It is clunky (8.5 x 8.5 x 23 in) and heavy (10 lbs).

The tube is made of borosilicate glass, and it’s vacuumed in between to prevent the heat transfer, and that’s why the outside is cold to touch. One reminder is that you need to cool the tube down between the entries if you are planned to put the cold food in. There is a customer who put the cold food in the hot cooker right after taking out the cooked food, it causes thermal shock and the glass tube soon got shattered apart.

Below is the summary of what are the things (from previous GoSun Go campaigns) that some backers complaining:

  • Slow cooking and dependence on weather
  • Arrived scratched/damaged/broken
  • Dirt and odor
  • Poor quality of the backstand
  • Shipping delayed, extra charges, and unprofessional customer service

Although the creators didn’t explicitly mention where it’s made and causing all the quality control issues above, it’s said that the rewards will be shipped directly from “East Asia”. Same goes will be for the upcoming GoSun Fusion’s shipping.


As for the current design, people can’t really tell if the food inside the tube is cooked or not. So, while waiting for the process, they will have to pull up the tube for checking and put back in, back and forth a few times. This isn’t good. We would suggest the creators include a temperature monitor in the system so people can get to know the current inner temperature. In that way, users can easily estimate how long they will need to cook at the particular temperature.


In conclusion, is it worth it? No, we don’t think so. Having said that the GoSun Fusion is already fairly expensive with each unit cost you $300, the shipping is another big thing for international backers at $145 – $180 (excluding the taxes). In contrast, the shipping within the US is $25. As for me, the oven serves best to cook up some snack and dessert in a picnic, instead of a solid meal for a family.