Gov Benefits App – Check Who Is Entitled to Benefits and Learn How Download the App

The US government offers numerous benefits to its people. However, I have difficulty looking for a specific way to find the appropriate benefits that I can ask for from the government, given the different situations I experience. 


Fortunately, the Gov Benefits app lets me find different government benefits that I am eligible for. The app provides a platform that offers relevant information about the different benefits and how to get them. 

Learn more about the Gov Benefits app and its features below. Discover some of the US government benefits and how to get them. 

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Gov Benefits App - Check Who Is Entitled to Benefits and Learn How Download the App



There are several government efforts to provide aid to the people. The problem is that people have limited knowledge on how to get themselves of these benefits and programs if they are not aware of these efforts. The US government launched to increase citizen access to benefit information. 

Gov Benefits App - Check Who Is Entitled to Benefits and Learn How Download the App
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When the website was released, it helped people have easier access to information while reducing the difficulty of interacting with the government. Launched in 2002, was an early E-Government resource as part of the President’s Management Agenda. 

The government realized that people had to search through several web pages to look for government benefits programs information. They decided to have a central website where people can access everything about government benefits to address this concern. 

ADVERTISEMENT is currently operated, supported, and managed by a Federal agency. 

More About Government Benefits

Since offers a central government benefit information system, it was made clear that the program beneficiaries are the US citizens, businesses, and Federal and state government entities.

Millions of Americans are now well-informed of the government’s many benefits. The benefit categories include Agriculture and Environmental Sustainability, Disaster Relief, Family and Children Servies, Education and Training, Employment and Career Development, etc.

Some other categories have specific benefits, such as Financial Assistance, Insurance, Living Assistance, and Tax Assistance. There are also Education and Research, Government, and Health Grants. The other categories are Healthcare and Medical Assistance, Housing and PublicUutilities, Loans, and Social Security and Retirement.

Discovering the Gov Benefits App

Even though has offered a platform where everyone can access government benefits information, some people still find it difficult to get to the website. Thus, I looked for a mobile app to solve this dilemma. 

Gov Benefits App - Check Who Is Entitled to Benefits and Learn How Download the App
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I discovered the Gov Benefits app by Trend Mobile app, which acts as a benefit finder by answering the questions related to the government benefits available. In addition, there are several other features to help users find other applicable government benefits to apply for. 

The app clarified that it is a private company, so it is not affiliated, authorized, licensed, or endorsed by the United States Federal Government. It also mentioned that it is neither affiliated with any other government entity nor government-related individuals. 

The Gov Benefits app works best for people who prefer to have immediate access to information through their mobile phones. The app offers organized content on government benefits alongside credible and official sources about where to get benefits.

Installing the Gov Benefits App

The Gov Benefits app is meant for those looking for a platform where all the government information is easily and conveniently accessible. Thousands of US citizens have already enjoyed the app’s features and content.

When I found out about the Gov Benefits app, I immediately installed it. The developers launched the Gov Benefits app exclusively for Android devices. Thus, the Gov Benefits app can only be downloaded from the Google Play Store

In addition, the Gov Benefits app is compatible with devices with operating system versions 4.1 and up. Gov Benefits seeks to access my file storage and media files upon installing the app. It also wants to receive data from the internet, view network connections, have full network access, run at startup, control vibration, and prevent the mobile device from sleeping.

Exploring the Gov Benefits App

The Gov Benefits app immediately welcomed me with its Home page. It did not ask me to sign in or create an account on the app to access its features and content. I liked that it is meant for everyone to access Gov Benefits’s content. 

Gov Benefits App - Check Who Is Entitled to Benefits and Learn How Download the App
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I also liked how the app is straightforward with its features as it immediately provides a list of the things I can do and find on its Home page. The Gov Benefits app offers the following features: Benefit Finder, Apply for Unemployment Benefits, Food Stamps, Medicaid and Children’s Health Insurance, Latest News on US Government Benefits, and videos. 

The app also has a side menu where I can find the listed features and content. In addition, the Settings menu and information about the Gov Benefits app are also found there as well. 

There is also a share button on top of the Home page if I want to share the app’s content with my friends or family members. The app supports sending its content to various social media and messaging apps. 

Customizing the Settings Menu of the Gov Benefits App

It is possible to customize the Settings menu of the Gov Benefits app for a personalized experience. The app lets me change the settings and options for app notification messages. I can turn on/off the notifications, notification sound, and notification vibration. 

The Setting menu also covers the Usage Data, wherein it asked if I would allow the app to collect anonymous usage data. The Gov Benefits app clarified that it would only collect usage data to improve its services. 

Since there is no personal information to be collected on the app, there will be no potential threat to users’ privacy. Nonetheless, the app promised not to share the collected usage data with any other external or third-party services.

Finding Benefits on the Gov Benefits App

The Gov Benefits app’s main feature is Benefit Finder, wherein I can find all the available government benefits. I also learned about the eligibility requirements for these benefits to see if I could apply for them. 

Gov Benefits App - Check Who Is Entitled to Benefits and Learn How Download the App
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The Benefit Finder feature asked me to answer the questionnaire to find the benefits that I may be eligible to receive. Then, the app will help direct me to the concerned agency to apply immediately. The questionnaire on Benefit Finder is a screener tool. 

It asks about my current condition to assess which among the government benefits I can apply for. The questionnaire includes personal information like birthdate, citizenship, address (state), and civil status.

The questionnaire also covers other aspects like questions about disability, residence, children, parents, spouses, other government benefits entitlement, Social Security, and much more. The app expects users to be honest with the provided information. 

Connecting to the Respective Government Agency

After answering the questionnaire on the Benefit Finder feature, I let the app process the received information for a while. It assesses my current conditions and problems to see which government benefit program I am eligible to receive aid from.

The app displays the government benefits that I can apply for alongside the respective government agencies concerned with the programs. I can immediately check the agencies’ sites through the app to learn about the application process for the government benefits.

Most of the time, the Gov Benefits app provides direct links to the official websites of these government agencies. Sometimes, the app also includes the contact details of the concerned offices.

Applying for Unemployment Benefits on Gov Benefits 

Another feature of the Gov Benefits is that it supports users to apply for Unemployment Benefits. There are several benefits and aid programs such as unemployment insurance benefits, job training, and assitance finding a job. 

Gov Benefits App - Check Who Is Entitled to Benefits and Learn How Download the App
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The Unemployment Insurance pays me money if I lose a job through no fault of my own. Each state has its program, so I can check my state’s sp[ecific requirements to apply for unemployment benefits. 

I can also get educational help and self-employment help if I apply for Unemployment Benefits from the respective agency.

Getting Food Stamps on Gov Benefits

The app lets me access the federal nutritional program—Supplemental Nutritional Assistance Program (SNAP). It provides individuals with low income with a greater food budget. 

Individuals can buy various food with the SNAP food stamps like fruits, vegetables, meat, poultry, fish, dairy products, bread, and cereals. 

The state uses my information to see if I qualify for SNAP, like my income limits and money in the bank.

Getting Medicaid and CHIP on Gov Benefits 

One of the app’s features allows me to access Medicaid, a federal and state health insurance program for low-income people. The app also includes the Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP) for children’s health coverage.

Gov Benefits App - Check Who Is Entitled to Benefits and Learn How Download the App
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Medicaid provides low-cost, sometimes free, medical benefits to low-income adults, children, pregnant women, people with disabilities, and people aged 65 or above.

The eligibility requirements for Medicaid are age, income level, number of people in the family, pregnancy, and disability. The app connects the eligible users to the state Medicaid agency and assists in filling out an application.

Staying Updated on US Government Benefits on the App

True to its mission to help people be informed about the different US government benefits programs, the Gov Benefits offers a feature focusing on the latest news related to government benefits.

Through the app, I stay updated with the changes in policy on the various government benefits. I also learn about the new programs that I may be eligible to apply for.  


The Gov Benefits app lets users find information about the available government benefit programs. It provides information about the concerned agency and allows them to connect directly to apply for the programs. 

If you are struggling financially as a US citizen, government benefits can be a great help. In addition, you can check to see if you have any unclaimed money out there from banks or businesses.