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GroBox One – The All-in-one Autonomous Hydroponic System

In this GroBox One review, you’ll learn whether this product worth a buy.

GroBox One is a done-for-you indoor hydroponic gardening system with almost zero effort. It gives you the ability to grow various edible plant/fruits in a built-in autonomous system. This system has all the essentials that a plant needed to grow in it perfectly, including good lightings, automatic watering system, air filtering system, and an enjoyable LEDs display. Hydroponic means no soil needed, so which mean you will be freed from messes. Also, putting this big box next to your living room couch doesn’t just adding a sense of modernness and liveliness, but gives you the 100% healthy food all year round with no hassles.

There are so many hydroponic systems on the market already, but why this one? Furthermore, they are tons lot more similar products at cheaper and affordable price than this. Right?


They are quite a number of indoor hydroponic systems out there in the market already. Here are some of the few good examples of hydroponic systems that raise the eyebrows. Most of them are small, portable and designed for herbs, fruits or smaller decorative plants. For example, this one desktop-size even comes with a reminder and an aerator system. However, many are reported to have problems with the pump and aerator. While the other popular one is this one by Click & Grow, which previously successfully funded on Kickstarter with more than 10k backers. This Click & Grow gardening system does the same job but cost you only half the price of the first. The overall response was good for Click & Grow, some have experienced that the seeds were not growing and the presence of mold.

So, how is GroBox One different from the others ?!

Below we will discuss the features, good and bad of this system. And ultimately comes to a conclusion of whether if this product worth a buy or not.

GroBox One — The Detail

GroBox One, first of all, is an isolated system where you don’t need to do anything except for the weekly watering session. Most of the indoor gardening systems, like the one I mentioned above, are generally not practical and infeasible to use for a long term. Yes, It may work for a while but not more than that. GroBox One, on the other hand, is different from them. Not only by the size but also the system itself as well.

The self-sustaining automatic system is the selling point to give you a truly hands-off, set-and-forget system. And, by all means, a better sense of effortlessness.

The fact is we love to have a plant or two in our house, but not the messes. Taking care a living plant is a big no-no. You will need to take care of plant watering at least once a day, playing with fertilizers & insects, get yourself muddy with soils, maintenance, and of course the “good” smell as in the advertisement. Despite the size and price point of GroBox One is higher than the others, but no good quality things come cheap, and it’s well-worth for the investment.

GroBox One uses a full light spectrum mimicking the sunlight to grow your plant. However, not all plants are living in the same condition. Some kind of plant or fruit is more favorable to low light, while the others favor high humidity, temperature, nutrition, etc. So, the result may vary from plant to plant. And, if you would like to go for a different plant, you may need to do some research first and customize the system.

GroBox box features the EBB and flows method, also known as the flood and drain method. Instead of soil, it uses clay pebbles as the medium. Put it short, the system relies on the intermittent supply of aerated nutrient solution to the plant’s root. This system is widely used because they are cheap, easy to work with, and requires little maintenance. However, since the nutrient solution is suck up and drain back throughout the week, it may cause a fluctuation in the pH, building up salt, toxicities, and a waste of nutrients.

With GroBox One closed system, you don’t need to worry about the insect. To keep your home fresh at all time, GroBox One is equipped with the High-Efficiency Particulate Air (HEPA) filtering system, where it captures pollens, mites, dust, odors and purifies the air for you.

Support the Funding

Help to make GroBox One a reality!

GroBox One is now funding on Kickstarter starts at only $835 while you can save up to 36% off retail price. It may sound like a lot, but it costs you more money and time to DIY your own indoor plantation. GroBox One is a done-for-you system so that you can sit back and feast on your own healthy food.

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