Handy Gym – Train Anywhere, Anytime

Handy Gym is a portable all-in-one strength training accessory that’s small enough to carry in your backpack.

Without compromising the functionality, this training tool is quite effective and even comparable to the large gym machines.

Forget about the bulky and clunky gym equipment, Handy Gym gives you a new definition of portable gym tool. That said, the iso-inertial technology has been widely used by NASA in space project to prevent the loss of muscle after a long period in the gravity-less environment.

Handy Gym is only 2 pounds in weight and 4.5 in length”.

Discussion and Review – Is Handy Gym worth it?

Let’s start by comparing it to a similar and popular device like this one I found on Amazon. Certainly, that price is cheaper, but you have to carry that many tools for a reason. What we like about HG (Handy Gym) is that, first off, the lightweight. Also, the capability of performing up to 200 different exercises whenever, wherever you want. Dorsal, biceps and quads, you name it.

Imagine visiting your grandma while having this little tool with you, is for sure a godsend. You will have no excuses to skip another leg day again.

Unlike others, HG does not require electricity nor elastic band. What’s more, it comes with a mobile app to track your training statistics (cycles, calories, time and strength). You can check your training improvement over the month. The device will need be connected to your mobile phone via Bluetooth. The Handy Gym App will be available on Apple AppStore and Android GooglePlay.

The power discs offer different forces, which including 40 lbs, 75 lbs and 110 lbs. With power pulley, it doubles up to 220 lbs. That said, HG is not about lifting weight but the resistance force.