Harcle Eco-Backpack – The 100% Plastic-made Backpack

Harcle Eco-backpack is a sustainable and eco-friendly backpack. In this review, we will discuss if this set of bags by Harcle is worth-a-buy.

Day in day out, we’ve got our backpack with us. Remind me of this super successful foul-language backpack project called Använda that we covered not long while ago, Harcle Eco-backpack took a completely different approach from the environment-wise perspective.

If you ask if there’s anything you can find in almost any corners in the world, that would be plastics. With that being said, each year, million tons of plastic wastes being dumped into the landfills, combustion, a small part will be recycled, and most of them will go into the ocean in the form of micro-plastics.

It chemically toxifies the areas and plant, and some were even thought as food to be consumed by the animals. To decompose that, a plastic bottle will take at least 400 years. Until then, our world will soon be a land of plastic.

So, the easier plan is actually to reuse them as much as possible.


That’s why Harcle comes in.

Review and Discussion — Should you buy this backpack?

Harcle Eco-Backpack is an Italy-made environmental friendly backpack handmade by the artisans. Similar to this plastic-made pants, Harcle Backpack uses the CorduraÂŽ fabric in manufacturing their backpack. Cordura, a stalwart in the textile industry, is a brand known for their high resistant canvas-like rayon and polyester.

Essentially, it’s unfortunately not exactly 100% from plastic, instead, the yarn used is more of a blend of one or more of these materials, such as nylon, cotton, polyester, and others. Resulting in an equally good durability backpack that made partly from the recycled plastic.

Nonetheless, the idea behind this project is to make the durable yet sustainable recycled bags while saving our planet as little as we can.


In comparison to the cotton canvas and nylon bag, which is extremely durable and lasts literally for ages, plastic-based fabric like nylon/polyester blend (by Cordura) doesn’t last as long, decades, by that means.

As in the ModernIndustry put it, “plastic-based fabrics are like a new car, they get worse as soon as you start to use them”.

The first thought when comes to backpack is none other than the durability and quality. Although Cordura has gained a high reputation in the industry for being one of the most popular fabrics used in manufacturing the backpack and related, it appears to be lighter in weight, weaker, lesser tensile and tear strength in compared to the ballistic nylon.


A cool feature of Harcle Backpack and the duffle bag is the portable foldability. When unneeded, you can fold the backpack and duffle down into a size of the pouch. Thanks to the water repellent properties, it’s a good option for travel, hiking or any outdoor adventures.

Compare to competitors 

Likewise to other backpack made from the CorduraÂŽ, Harcle fades in comparison. For example, this one I found on Amazon offering a similar price, yet a much more feature-rich compartmentation for your daily essentials.

Harcle, on the other hand, is more of a generic bag. However, Harcle backpack ($44) and duffle bag ($36) are slightly cheaper than some of the competitions in the market.


Overall, is this Italy-made Harcle Eco-Backpack a way to go? Yes, it’s worth a try if you are looking for a simple yet environmental friendly backpack. It’s a no if you are here for a feature-rich stylish backpack for your daily commute to work or college.

Meanwhile, feel free to check out the Harcle Backpack campaign on Kickstarter via the link below to support their project.

Alternatively, before you decided to do anything, do a quick search for “backpack” on our site or via this direct link, spend a min there and you will most probably be glad for doing so.