HORIZON Watch – The Watch That Displays Full 24 Hours

HORIZON Watch is an innovative watch that shows you the full 24 hours of the day.

As we were long in this digital era, does it mean the end of classic analog watches is near? Definitely not. In fact, the exact opposite. Watches projects on Kickstarter is never a scarcity, even until these days. Except telling time, the unspoken purpose of wrist watches was long embedded in our reasoning — to represent one’s wealth and prosperity. However, the way it conveys the time has never been changed.

Until you meet this cool watch named HORIZON.

Is this a real game changer? or just another gimmicky project.

Review and Discussion – Are this watches worth buying?

Apparently, one big plus for this HORIZON Watch is certainly on its one-of-a-kind beautiful and aesthetic design. HORIZON watch creators get rid of the needs of the hour/minute/second hands and replace it with a new intuitive rotating frame dial. At the same time, the downside is, of course, we can’t tell the exact minutes or seconds for the day. This changes may not be much of a deal for modernist or art related works, but is intolerable to some jobs that counts every single second. That said, due to the horizontal line that clearly separates the day and the night, we can intuitively and quickly tell an estimated time. This little changes also reverse our opinion toward the precise timekeeping in a timepiece, at least in the eyes of HORIZON Watch.

“It’s almost 12 noon.” — It’s more of an art.

That said, HORIZON Watch is more of a smart spin than a revolutionary product. In fact, you may not notice that there are already tons of 24-hour watches in the market. One good example is this one very similar 24-hour watch that I found on Amazon. Ideally, It’s quite similar to the HORIZON Watch, but not the overall look and some other features.

On one hand, HORIZON Watch is selling on Kickstarter for $278 (Early Bird). Certainly, it does not come cheap and, in fact, it’s a little higher than expected. It’s Swiss made, 316L stainless steel case with smooth sapphire crystal domed, long battery life (up to 45 months), and a 100m water resistance. Not exceptionally well overall, but good enough.

All in all, HORIZON Watch is a great modern watch but may not be suitable for everyone.