Hydaway 2.0 – The collapsible water bottle


Hydaway 2.0 is a newer version of the collapsible water bottle. In this article, we will go through the detail and ultimately you will learn whether is this bottle really worth a buy.

A while back, we have discussed a squeezable metal bottle called KEEGO, and that water bottle wasn’t as impressive as it looks, you can go to the link above to learn why I said so. Back to Hydaway, the idea is great. And thanks to that, we can save up a lot of space when it’s empty, to fit into the backpack, drawer, or even your jeans back pockets.


Sound cool right? Not until you read the section below.

Let’s move on.

Review and Discussion – Is it worth it?

Let’s clean up a little bit too much of the “say no to plastic” and “save our planet earth” sale gimmick. In fact, think about it, this bottle did neither of them, nor is it helping to reduce the plastic waste. In fact, almost everyone of us has our own water bottle like this one, which we don’t just use once and throw away. So, are there any differences using this collapsible water bottle? no.


“to eliminate single-use plastic”… oh come on, like how?

Although it’s good to know that they will donate a portion of the earning to the no2plastic.org, the amount is comparatively small, up to a point where we barely see the passion of them to help to eliminate the plastic. Do a simple math and you’ll know why.

People need a lovely story, so they created one.

From the customer feedback of Hydaway 1.0, as well as the Kickstarter backer’s who backed their first project, many have reported that:

  • The bottle gets mouldy quickly
  • Strong plastic/rubber aftertaste which unable to get rid of
  • Quality issue – the silicone cracked after a few uses

Users also pointed out some design flaw. For example, the water seeps through when collapsing the bottle.

Although most of these complaints are quite common even in the regular water bottle, the creator has done something about it. First, they redesign the bottle a little and include the bottom grip. also, they have added a carbon filter to remove the aftertaste.

However, the carbon filter only lasts for about 3 months and needed to be replaced afterward. More importantly, will the carbon filter remove the rubbery taste? We don’t think so. Most of the new plastic bottle will have a plastic-like taste the first few uses, and it’s usually fine. The function of the carbon filter is to remove the organic chemicals in the water, so it doesn’t really help much.


In overall, is it worth it? Yes. Other than the things mentioned above, the overall of this water bottle is still good. The price is reasonable, and many of the complaints have been addressed in the newer Hydaway, so it’s definitely worth a try.