HyperCube – The Wireless Charging Station and Sleep Aid Device

Oh, another alarm clock?

This device reminds me of a cool sleep aid device called Sleepie which we discussed here not too long ago. While for the final score, we would only be able to give a rating of 4.5 out of 10… and we have given our reasoning there if you would like to know why.

Likewise, HyperCube is designed to sit on your nightstand too, but the featured functions are much more sensible.

Below in this HyperCube review, we will help you to analyze this project, and ultimate, to give you an idea of whether you should buy this device.

The main functions we’re talking about here are the wireless charging, light-sound alarm clock, nightlight, power bank and Bluetooth speaker. Although all of these functions are quite common nowadays, not when you put everything into a nicely packed modular system.


Review and Discussion — Is this device worth it?

HyperCube offers a minimalistic and modular design for those who are a fans of the modern lifestyle. With that, It’s very portable to carry anywhere with you without the speaker base. However, when folding into a cube with the power bank battery in it, you will only be allowed charging 1 device at a time by placing your device on the top surface of the cube.

Due to the cube design, if you would like to charge more than 1 device, you’ll need to flat out the HyperCube and plug it with the pwoer cable instead of using the power bank’s battery.

When it comes to charging capability, the offered 3 charging pads are the middle 10W (for FastCharge) and two regular 5W side pads. So, please also be noted that not all 3 pads supporting fast charging. That’s to say if you ain’t in a rush, wired charging is still way better in terms of efficiency. On the flip side, will charging all three devices at once affects the charging speed? Definitely. While the creators didn’t explicitly answer the question, it’s in most cases will reduce the overall charging speed.

Other than smartphones, what’s cool about this device is that it allows you to charge your Apple Watch and Airpods simultaneously with the 5W pads. For sure, this is a good news for Apple users, but not very much for the others who use different smartwatch, wristband and other similar things, and thus leaving the other pads unused and superfluous.

If this is the case, why not get yourself this so-much-cheaper 10W wireless charger by Anker instead?

As advertised, this device designed to charge your smart devices just right before you go to bed. It left us one big question — Isn’t it “overcharging” your phone overnight against the general guidelines? Yes, for sure it is. The HyperCube team has then included a Stop Charging function when the battery is full to prevent overcharging your phone and also the devices not getting heat up for safety.

For the Bluetooth speaker, it’s somewhat average quality as the main function is to amplify the sounds. Plus, the sound is neither stereo nor customizable to your liking.

HyperCube includes an external BT LED light panel where you can place it anywhere as the nightlights around your house. It is cool! However, it requires a connection to the Bluetooth 24/7 which doesn’t sound too great anymore. Also, don’t forget to recharge it as well.

What we love

Other than that, there are some neat features that are worth noting. HyperCube comes with a 20 000 mAh power bank which gives you at least 7 times full charges to your iPhone X. Along with the speaker base, you will be able to charge the phone while doing tasks like FaceTime and Messaging at the perfect angle of 45º.


In a nutshell, is this device worth it? It’s a yes from us. With that much features, the price is fair and reasonable. Although you can for sure getting a much cheaper light-sound alarm clock like this one or a 10W popular wireless charger, separately, this price adds up to combining all these small functions into a small little futuristic device. So, why not?